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Experience Harmonic Bliss with The Band of Brothers' Rendition of "White Christmas"

From New York City, the 4-piece vocal harmony group, the Band of Brothers, releases their cover of the classic holiday tune, "White Christmas." Consisting of the three brothers, guitarist Pepe, keyboard player JC, bassist JJ, and their cousin Niel on drums. The Band of Brothers specializes in sweeping listeners off their feet with organic and nostalgic sounds, as they pay tribute to acts like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Frankie Valli.

Bringing their latest holiday cover to life with "White Christmas," the Band of Brothers wanted to share more of a reminiscent holiday sound through their brilliant quartet harmonies and sweet instrumentals. The likes of Pepe, JC, JJ, and Niel are indeed making their way around the industry, especially as they give an ode to iconic acts that carved the musical path for many to follow.

Listening to the Band of Brothers' holiday cover of "White Christmas," right off the bat, we're more than glad that the boys felt drawn to cover such a classic tune, as they fueled this song with vibrance and life through each heavenly harmony and smooth instrumental. As the boys serenade us with nothing but class and grace, we can hear relatively modern elements appear through the production.

The Band of Brothers have taken this classic holiday tune and gave it a modern spin with their spunky electric guitar, delicate drum patterns, bright keyboard arrangements, and minimal synths that give the song an authentic feel. We can't get enough of the four stunning vocalists within this cover, as the Band of Brothers wows us with their natural warmth.

Be sure to check out the Band of Brothers as they set sail into greatness in 2021, and remember their classic holiday cover "White Christmas," which will age like fine wine.

Hello, Band of Brothers and welcome to BuzzMusic. What inspired your group to create a cover of the classic holiday tune "White Christmas?"

This is actually one of our favorites. Musically, we were inspired by the version of The Drifters, a 50’s Doo-Wop vocal group with their upbeat/happy arrangement so we stayed around that tempo. We also had in mind to sing like The Four Freshmen so we had to find a good key where we could have the melody in the high tenor register (with a little bit of Beach Boys / Four Seasons falsetto) and feature some 4-part harmonies/chords. We did not plan to record “White Christmas” but we got an opportunity to do it because it was a requirement/assignment by HiGlass Productions for their “We Need A Little Christmas” virtual Broadway Show that happened on December 17, 2020.

How did your group split the creative process when recording your instrumentals for the cover of "White Christmas"?

JC, our 1st part singer, recorded the Keyboard track. Pepe, who sang 2nd part, recorded the Guitars. JJ, on the 3rd part, redesigned the Vocal Arrangement, recorded the Basslines. Niel, our drummer, sang the 4th bass part and came up with the drum beats.

Seeing as your group is known for your dynamic harmonies, what was your vocal recording process like for "White Christmas?"

We studied and rehearsed the vocal chart that JJ prepared first before recording our lines on GarageBand. Everyone had to try to sing with the same feel, diction, and volume.

We've noticed that your group thrives through covers. Might you create any original tunes in the future?

We are currently in the process of releasing an album this year that would feature some original songs that hopefully will have that nostalgic old school vibe.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Due to the limitations we have because of COVID, we won't be able to play live yet. So we just plan to release a music video maybe every month via our Facebook page tbb100. Still, master and learn new songs every week. I think, we have quite a number of songs up our sleeves in our repertoire and we’re adding up new ones every time.



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