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Experience "Heaven on Earth," With Chris Micheal's Latest Release

Bringing his music from Winnipeg to Los Angeles, the interactive country artist and influential singer-songwriter Chris Micheal releases a compelling and appreciative single with "Heaven on Earth."

The dynamic vocalist and singer-songwriter are well on track to tremendous success, as his growing fanbase is constantly able to relate and resonate with his versatile and heartfelt tunes. Currently nominated for two ISSA Songwriter Awards while also receiving a Champions Award for his contributions and efforts towards Tj's Gift Foundation, it's more than evident that Chris Micheal is on the right track.

His forthcoming album, 'Shake It Up,' is slated to release later this year, leaving us with the project's lead single, "Heaven on Earth." When asked about the single, Chris Micheal mentioned, "'Heaven on Earth' was written about getting out there, enjoying life, and realizing just how good we have it if you find a little fun."

Produced by Chris Flores in our home of LA, the single "Heaven on Earth" opens with warm acoustic guitar melodies that bring listeners into a heartfelt and colorful sonic atmosphere. As Chris Micheal begins singing his joys in life, his uplifting delivery alongside the bright instrumental arrangements sends us into bliss with each melody and lively tone.

Proceeding through the single, Chris Micheal leads us through various scenes that make life worth living, from sunsets to gatherings and our minuscule joys; it's without a doubt that Chris Michael has created an inspirational summer tune for us to repeat all season.

Catch Chris Micheal's appreciative and lively single, "Heaven on Earth," on all streaming platforms, and show the playful singer-songwriter some love as he prepares to release his forthcoming album, 'Shake It Up,' later this year.

Hello Chris and welcome to BuzzMusic. We genuinely appreciate the uplifting tones and feel of your latest single, "Heaven on Earth." What inspired you to pay tribute to our journeys here on earth while reminding listeners to have a little fun along the way?

Heaven on Earth was inspired by always trying to see the greater good. The world is a challenging place and being driven by positivity and the obvious passion to entertain without being able to do so I wanted to make a song that's upbeat, uplifting and reflected on what we can do and hopefully inspire more people to get out there and enjoy life our world is a beautiful place. I got to touch base on my personal life loading up the boat and driving out to the lake with good company "How bout that". Do they have sunsets and sunrises in Heaven !? lol, life is pretty sweet if you open your mind and heart to it. I do touch a little bit on being a lonely heart and still waiting for the girl of all my dreams haha I'd be lying if that line wasn't inspired by Ramble on. kind of my signature the song wouldn't be who we are without a little tongue and cheek lighthearted fun.

What was your collaborative process like with producer Chris Flores for your single, "Heaven on Earth?" How did the two of you fuel the instrumentals and sonics to uplift listeners?

I started my Journey with Big Chris Flores a few years ago but the pandemic brought us together. We have a great creative team and the best part about working together is we are not afraid to let our imagination free and play outside the rules and create a listening environment that makes people feel at Home and inspired as well. I reached out to Chris and shared the inspiration to do Heaven on Earth. We worked tirelessly together over a period of a few weeks developing the melodies that would bring the song to life. Chris took the song on and treated it 100% I can safely say we both fell deeply in love with the song. There were no deadlines or clocks; we put everything we possibly could into the Music.

What sets Heaven and Earth apart from a lot of other country music is we wanted this song to engage sonically with both listeners Rock and Country. I couldn't be happier to have such a great relationship with my producer. He is a wonderful human being and I couldn't imagine the song as powerful without him.

Does your music usually touch on rather inspirational and feel-good themes, similar to "Heaven on Earth?" Or do you tend to explore and switch up your themes and sounds from time to time?

We are known for our good timing and feel-good music. This would cover most of the music we create but we also do music that comes from very close and deep places to the heart. Hard to not Life has been one heck of a journey for me and this influences every song we create, making the music super personal and genuine.

Should we expect to hear "Heaven on Earth" on your forthcoming album, 'Shake It Up?' Does the single share or amplify any lyrical themes within the album?

We are not for certain how the Singles and Shake it up will collide just yet. The band is eager to perform again and get on the road.....We have lots in the works with Chris on our Team so stay tuned and yes absolutely the Single shares the theme with our upcoming Album.



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