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Experience Holiday Nostalgia With Cold Weather Company's Music Video For "Warmth in Winter"

Based in New Jersey, the Alternative-Folk trio Cold Weather Company clasps our hearts with their seasonal and spirited music video for "Warmth in Winter." Consisting of Brian Curry, Jeff Petescia, and Steve Shimchick, the trio is ready to soak in the warmth of the holidays.

With a name like Cold Weather Company, the trio was bound to create a sweet holiday tune at least once in their careers. With the release of their single, "Warmth in Winter," Cold Weather Company also wanted to make the experience all the more authentic and nostalgic by releasing a collectible vinyl featuring the lovely holiday tune.

Also releasing a music video for the single, "Warmth in Winter," Cold Weather Company has placed all the passion and heart that the holidays provide within their five-minute video. They've also featured the likes of various families, a high school choir, and the trio themselves passionately singing along with the song's sweet lyricism.

"Warmth in Winter" begins with Jeff Petescia's bright electric guitar plucking, alongside Brian Curry's warm acoustic, and Steve Shimchick's melodic piano. Accompanied by a passionate string section and shimmering jingle bells, we truly feel an authentic holiday song grace our ears. While Steve Shimchick begins vocalizing the memories and moments we feel this time of year, we're transported into a warm atmosphere with the song's natural tenderness.

Regarding the song's music video, viewers can see Cold Weather Company passionately perform inside a decorated home studio, dressed in warm holiday sweaters, and smiles abound. As a background ensemble begins singing along with the boys, we see scenes of a high school choir, home recordings of various families singing along at home, and Cold Weather Company leading the video with their heartfelt performance.

Through each passionate, seasonal, and heartfelt aspect of Cold Weather Company's single, "Warmth in Winter," the boys have perfectly portrayed a brilliantly uplifting music video that gets us ready for the season of giving.

We must note how thorough and passionate your holiday single "Warmth in Winter" is. When did you begin creating the track? How long was it in the making?

Thank you! We are so excited about this song, and it means a lot to hear that the passion for it comes through to the listener. “Warmth in Winter” began with the main melody. As it progressed, we paused at one point and asked ourselves, “Are we writing a holiday song right now?” That was such a fun moment because writing an original song with a holiday feel was something we always wanted to do, and the way it naturally happened added something special. We had the overall outline for the song developed that weekend and then scheduled more time to work on it during the following weeks. Between writing and recording it officially, the process took about a month.

Your music video for "Warmth in Winter" is shot and recorded incredibly well. Did you have a team help execute the music video? What was your shooting process like?

We appreciate that. We’re lucky to know Carlos Bustillo and Junior Roy Graquitena, both part of Bushwick Sounds and The Diner Studios in Hoboken, New Jersey. They (and the rest of the Bushwick Sounds team) always do an amazing and professional job, whether it be filming and/or recording. The filming day was actually quite eventful because during the daylight hours we set up the studio with lights and other elements to bring in a winter feel, and also managed to squeeze in a photo shoot around the city. After dusk hit, we headed back to the studio and began filming. Carlos did some initial work with the footage, and Brian handled the rest! You can find more of their work at

Speaking on your music video for "Warmth in Winter," how did you manage to get various families and a high school choir to sing along with you? Why did you want to add the element of an ensemble?

Steve here! Some of my favorite memories of the holiday season are of singing holiday songs in high school. I was in choir and I would go around to restaurants with small groups and sing carols each year. It just so happened that my friend Burjis Cooper from those days went on to become the choir director of our high school (Cherry Hill High School West), we’ve kept in touch since we graduated in 2011 and so I asked him if it’d be possible to bring the choir into the mix. He and the students were extremely enthusiastic and it was just such a meaningful element to me to be able to have that history (and friendship) linked to the song.

When it came to having various families in, we knew we wanted to include their voices, but also wanted to give them their own time to shine before a triumphant choir came in. The song focuses on that human connection, and so the more voices we could bring in, the better! We were glad to see recordings from such a mix of ages as well, and we’re honored to know a piece of their holiday can now be linked to the song as well.

Why did you want to make the experience all the more authentic and release a collectible vinyl for your single "Warmth in Winter?"

There’s something to a tangible record that we really appreciate. So many people were a part of this song, and we wanted to be able to share that in ways other than just a screen. The incredible artwork was created by Kiara Harris (@liongirlkiara on Instagram), and the vinyl is accompanied by sheet music and lyrics designed by Brian. We love the idea of holiday traditions and those scenes singing a song around a piano each year. By releasing the song in this way, we hope to be able to bring a new kind of tradition to families and friends, even after the holidays have passed. We owe a lot of thanks to our community for joining us in the creation of this song, and we’d like to thank Deko Entertainment for their support in the creation of this vinyl as well.

What goals do you have with your music going into 2021?

The pandemic has impacted so much and completely changed the music industry landscape. We had hoped to schedule a tour for this year, but are looking forward to brighter days ahead next year when we will be able to play live again! We are putting the finishing touches on a collection of new music that will be making its way into the world over the coming months as well, so we can’t wait to share it.

Thank you so much for your support of “Warmth in Winter” and our music. We hope you and everyone reading this stay safe! Happy Holidays! Steve, Jeff, and Brian Cold Weather Company


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