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Experience Kali Lu’s Authentic Portrayal Of Love In “Phoenix”

From the LA area, singer-songwriter and musician Kali Lu expresses her innermost precious moments in an intimate new single, "Phoenix."

Kali Lu began singing and songwriting just five months ago after being inspired by an artist's live show. Having picked up her guitar and never looked back, Kali Lu is proud to be able to express herself through music in ways she can't do anywhere else. She's a vulnerable artist who cherishes the idea of connecting with listeners and being a sliver in their stories.

Her vulnerability reaches new peaks in the stunning new single, "Phoenix," a song about purely being in the moment with someone special. It's "one of those songs where you sit down, pick up your guitar, and the music/lyrics pour out of you," said Lu. Having written the song within two days, Kali Lu is ready to share this intimate and passionate masterpiece with listeners everywhere.

The new single, "Phoenix," softly opens with tender acoustic guitar picking and droning electric guitar melodies haunting the background. As Kali Lu's ghostly vocals float through the foreground, she slowly expands on those intimate moments with someone special and feels completely immersed in their sweet presence.

This song is quite the lullaby, one that rocks you into daydreams of moments with those who mean the most to us. It's a chilling listening experience with equally emotional lyrics and instrumentation, and Kali Lu's gentle performance is the cherry on top. She truly has a way with words, and we're sure any listener will appreciate such an authentic portrayal of pure love.

Wrap yourself in the sonic blanket that is Kali Lu's heartfelt new single, "Phoenix," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kali Lu. What was the driving force of inspiration behind such a tranquil and passionate song like "Phoenix?" What experiences led you to create it?

"Phoenix" was inspired and driven by a moment in time - a connection. It was a pure moment where the past nor the future existed. The song encapsulates everything I was feeling and thinking at that moment.

You mentioned that your lyrics for "Phoenix" poured out of you. Does this usually happen during your songwriting process, or was this song one of the easier ones to write?

This song was extremely easy to write yet a harder song of mine to sing - the irony. The night after this moment in time, I picked up my guitar, and the guitar melody just came to me. It felt like my fingers were moving on their own. I then took everything I felt and thought, which transpired into the lyrics. I wrote this song in less than two days. This is what I meant when I said the song “poured out of me.”

How would you describe your style and sound in "Phoenix?" What genres, artists, or sounds might have influenced you?

This is a hard question because I do not want to be confined to a box. I like to tell people I am whatever they hear. But my songs reflect my energy, or aura, if you will. My lyrics mainly come from things I’ve felt and messages I’ve learned along the way, messages I’ve given, and messages I’ve received. I started playing music after watching an artist named mehro, live. I picked up my guitar that night, and my journey began. mehro has been a major influence. I also love Phoebe Bridgers for her lyrics - I think they are phenomenal.

What impact do you want "Pheonix" to have on your listeners? What do you hope they feel from this piece?

The impact I want "Phoenix" to have on people is hearing my song and feeling “something” - anything. Everyone has a story, and I’m honored to be a sliver of that story. I hope those that listen are able to get lost with me.

What's next for you?

I am taking every day, one at a time, and every opportunity, one at a time. I hope to keep being given the opportunity to play live and connect with you all, as it’s one of my favorite things to do. I also can’t wait to keep recording my songs and being able to share myself with you.

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