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Experience Laura Evans' Brilliantly Executed Music Video for Her Single, "SOLO"

The Welsh and Nashville-inspired Singer/Songwriter Laura Evans breaks free from restraints with her gripping music video for her powerhouse Country/Blues single, "SOLO."

Fresh off three well-received singles, Laura Evans has made her way over to Spotify editorial playlists and sitting at #1 in the UK iTunes Blues chart.

Co-writing her latest single "SOLO" with fellow Welsh Songwriter Stace James, Evans noted that the single was close to getting cut before Producer Josiah J Manning reworked the song with soulful Country/Blues instrumentation. 

The powerful single serves an empowering message alongside the song's music video, directed, edited, and filmed by Kris Barras. Allowing listeners to bask in their independence, we must note the brilliant direction and execution Kris Barras captured within the video for "SOLO," it gets us itching to spread our wings and fly.

The music video for "SOLO" begins with scenes of Laura Evans putting in the elbow grease to serve an unappreciative significant other. The song opens with a gut-wrenching and powerful tone through punchy rhythm guitar and hard-hitting drums. While Evans begins singing the trials and tribulations of their love, she pushes through with independent lyricism depicting her flee from his hold. 

The exhilarating music video takes us through deftly-shot scenes of Laura Evans moving from the kitchen onto the open road, all while spicing the video with sultry and intriguing scenes of Evans delivering a passionate performance all dolled up. We can't help but feel this Christina Aguilera in Burlesque vibe from Laura Evans' performance and overall music video. 

We're stomping our feet right along with Laura Evans thrilling single "SOLO," and we're equally engaged with the song's empowering music video, inevitably sparking our natural independence and strength. 

We're locked right into your captivating music video for "SOLO." What initially pushed you to create the empowering single, and what did you want listeners to take from the song?

I actually wrote this song for someone else initially but I wanted to write an empowering anthem that everyone could relate to. I know I definitely feel more powerful flying "solo" so I hoped other people could relate. I think we've all been in those not so perfect relationships and want to break free and I feel when you can be happy alone, you can move mountains.

Speaking on the gripping music video for "SOLO," what was your shooting process like with Kris Barras? How did his direction help your vision come to life?

Working with Kris was amazing as not only is he a great videographer but he's a super creative artist and had a clear vision for the video shoot. The vintage car was my idea! I wasn't quite sure how it was going to work, I just knew I wanted to drive it! haha, Kris did an amazing job of tying all the footage together and gave those flashbacks a vintage feel. He took a great time and attention to specific lighting and cuts so the video takes you on a little journey from beginning to end.

Regarding the single "SOLO," you mentioned that it was reworked after almost being cut. What changes were made to the original song, and what inspired this soulful Country/Blues approach?

I co-wrote this song with my friend Stace James back in 2016 and back then it was produced very poppy, and you won't believe this - but it actually had a rap in the middle! We sadly had to lose the rap for my version ( as rapping is not my forte, haha!) and we reproduced it much rawer & organic to give it an edgier more rock/blues feel. But the lyrics and melody stayed exactly the same. 

We love the power and strength that you've infused into your single "SOLO." Would you say this is a common theme for your music? Do you usually strive to empower the listener?

Yes definitely. I went through a phase of writing heartbreaking ballads for a while and now I think I've moved into the phase of  "bluesy/ badass" songs haha it's a lot of fun writing these kinds of songs and I love singing them.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

I'm hoping to put out another new single before the end of the year and lots more brand new music to come in 2021! Until I can tour and play live shows - new music will keep coming.



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