Experience New Sensations with Alorangel’s Hardcore EDM Tropical Single, “Realness – Heaven”

Lora A. Hunter is a Hardcore EDM Tropical artist who creates music under the name Alorangel. With Italian, Philippine, Chinese, German, and English bloodlines, her diverse cultural exposure opens doors for her musical inspiration. To her fans’ delight, she has come out with yet another addictive single labelled “Realness – Heaven.”

Listeners far and wide will agree that every so often we find ourselves in a public place, a grocery store or even a coffee shop, just needing to know what song is playing over the speakers. Alorangel’s most recent single “Realness – Heaven” is the reason apps like Shazam exist. The second the extreme synths and mystical whispers hit your ear, you’ll be craving to know more about this song and the extravagant artist behind it.

With her Hardcore EDM Tropical vibes, Alorangel will take any electronic fans back in time to the days that we could rave. “Realness – Heaven” is 3 minutes and 48 seconds of pure energy that saturates your sensations.

This track inspires the need to be bouncing up and down with ten thousand of your closest friends, sporting neon and spandex, as the light show mimics each beat. The electronically produced synths have been eloquently engineered to keep “Realness-Heaven’s” energy level high and dynamic. Paired with its euphoric melody, the song boasts the type of beet that you could feel in your teeth.

Additionally, Alorangel adds her own deviating spice as she whispers and ad-libs with passionate ferocity. Her vocals layered on top of the hardcore EDM gives “Realness-Heaven” its originality and mystique.

As she continues to land herself on Global Top Music Charts worldwide, Alorangel’s growing fan base is salivating for her next release.

Over the years, your music has hit the top charts in a handful of different countries! Can you tell us how these accomplishments have inspired and encouraged you as an artist?

It’s interesting just to see your songs on the top iTunes 100 and Shazam top global 50 charts even to this day. I thank God for everything because without God it wouldn’t be possible.

Your unique-styled vocals layered on top of your electronic production in “Realness – Heaven” seems to be the aspect that allows you to stand out from other EDM artists. Can you tell us a bit about this original technique?

The technique is just hard to explain. I’m not even sure how to describe it. But I can say that God has helped me.

What was your inspiration when creating “Realness – Heaven?” Do different genres or artists inspire your music style?

When creating Realness - Heaven, I was inspired by a few EDM artists. But I also wanted to produce a song that really felt uplifting and at the same time danceable.

How does “Realness – Heaven” compare to your other songs, and how has your music changed over time?

When you compare Realness - Heaven with the other songs, it’s kind of similar to “God Is With Us - Hardcore.” When I started music in 2018 and have continued creating more songs in 2019 and this year, 2020, I’ve often felt like my singing has changed even to the point of how I produce music.