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Experience Orava's One-Shot Music Video for His Reflective Single, "Going Backwards"

From France to England, the passionate Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist Orava gives listeners a breath of fresh air with his latest music video for "Going Backwards."

Speaking for his generation through his introspective lyricism, Orava tackles the common hopes and doubts that his peers hold. Gaining inspiration from genres like French Touch, Electronic, DnB, and Traditional Rock, one is bound to feel captivated by the broad and talented likes of Orava.

His recent music video for his single "Going Backwards" features a beautiful and mesmerizing one-shot process of Orava while deep in thought reflecting on the heavy lyricism the single delivers. With captivating cinematography, Orava's music video truly isn't one to miss.

The music video for "Going Backwards" begins with the opening shot of ocean waves while slowly backing up to allow Orava in the frame. As Orava takes a long and reflective glance outward to the ocean, the song's lyrics begin to shine through where Orava spills reminiscent words of an easier past.

While Orava starts backing up into the sand slowly, we can notice that the entire video was not only recorded in one shot, but it's also backward and timed perfectly for the song's climax to appear as Orava tumbles upward on a sand dune.

A highly reflective outro takes place as Orava continues to glance out to the ocean and bask in the evening sun and breeze. He offers a highly passionate ending to the video while pushing the song's heavily pensive and contemplative theme.

We love the heart and reflection that Orava has delivered with his conceptual one-shot music video for "Going Backwards," as he trudges through the depths of his mind all to stand firm in the end.

We can't get enough of your deep and pensive music video for "Going Backwards." How did you initially come up with the video's one-shot approach and concept? I started thinking of a video concept after I finished writing the song in 2018. I knew I wanted a video with a lot of reversed shots, long sequences, and a limited amount of elements to keep it as abstract as we could. We ended up blending these ideas to make a reversed sequence-shot. The goal was to emphasize what the lyrics were about: The consequence of time on people’s life and the idea of going backward in order to make better choices. Was it challenging to capture your music video for "Going Backwards" in one shot? What did your shooting process look like behind the scenes? It was quite a challenging one to capture! Wanting the sunset in the video didn’t make it easy, we were given one shot a day. After each tentative, the sun was gone and we would come back the next day at the exact same time and try again. It took us about 5 attempts and we kept the last take. There were a lot of hard things to play: the fall in the sand, learning my text in reverse, or not being swept away by a big wave… Seeing as your video for "Going Backwards" was directed by Gaëtan Delalande and Florian Maillard, how did they help give you direction during the shoot? What was it like collaborating with your directors? This video required a lot of work and preparation. The walk from the dune to the ocean was split and timed in about 10 parts. As I would sing/fall/walk and disappear in the ocean, one of the directors would tell me how long I had to wait before playing the next scene. Working with directors was crucial to get the best out of this idea. We can't help but feel such raw emotions exuded within your music video for "Going Backwards." How did you get into character for the video in order to deliver your lyricism with immense heart and passion? It definitely comes more from the visuals that my acting skills, in my opinion. I think the emotions would have been the same with anyone else playing my part! The mood is set by the location, the music, and the image. What can we expect to see next from you, as we enter a new year? I’ve been working on a lot of songs since “Behind the Wave” got mastered. There are a lot of things to expect, an EP or an album, who knows! I also hope 2021 will somehow give us a chance to hit the stage and play live!

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