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Experience Sweet Sonics of Racayan with His Delicate Single, "What I Need (feat. Courtney Bennett)"

From San Francisco to Los Angeles, the producer, songwriter, and r&b artist Racayan team up with vocalist Courtney Bennett for their desirous single, "What I Need (feat. Courtney Bennett)."

Using music and poetry as his main form of self-expression, it wasn't until Racayan earned his bachelor's degree in Sound Engineering that his career began taking off. With vast industry experience under his belt and many collaborations, Racayan was finally convinced to move to LA and hone in on his talented craft.

More recently, Racayan released his soothing r&b single, "What I Need (feat. Courtney Bennett)," a heartfelt track that highlights Ms. Bennett's fluid and harmonious vocal stylings. While Racayan soaks our speakers in sonic emotion through his dense and sultry r&b production, Courtney Bennett serenades our souls with her flavorful and dreamy vocals.

Diving into "What I Need (feat. Courtney Bennett)," the track blissfully opens with Racayan's production through haunting background vocals and celestial pads. As Courtney Bennett enters the song with her lush and smooth vocals, she starts telling the delicate and genuine story of finding someone who she'd spend all of eternity with. Listening to Racayan's production, he fuels the song with intricate drum arrangements that liven the textured r&b atmosphere while getting us moving and grooving.

We're more than enamored by Courtney Bennett's passionate lyricism, as she reminds her lover of their pure soul and heart. While Racayan continues to sonically compliment Courtney Bennett's serene performance, the song drifts its way to the outro with boundless heart, emotion, and lust.

Lose yourself in the heavy emotions of Racayan's latest single, "What I Need (feat. Courtney Bennett)," and let the single take you on a heartfelt adventure. Now available on all streaming platforms.

Hello Racayan, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. We're head over heels for the lustful and desirous atmosphere within your recent single, "What I Need (feat. Courtney Bennett)." How did the song's creation begin? What inspired you to create this piece?

I appreciate those words for real. The song initially started off as a poem with no intention of becoming a song. Every time I create something, it’s always inspired by just living life and reflecting on different emotions, recapturing a certain feeling I would get. For this particular piece, I produced the instrumental trying to recapture the vibe of what some of my favorite 90s R&B songs gave me.

What drew you to the sounds of Courtney Bennett to collaborate with on your single, "What I Need (feat. Courtney Bennett)?" Is this your first time working together?

Courtney and I actually worked on another song called “Believe In Us” and what drew me into Courtney was her vibe. Her voice is hella pretty and her style got some bounce to it. Initially, after hearing her music, I had a feeling we would have a lot of similar influences musically and I knew our chemistry would be on point.

Did Courtney Bennett write her own lyrics for "What I Need (feat. Courtney Bennett)," or was this also a collaborative process?

As I mentioned earlier, the song started off as a poem. I sent it over to Courtney just for some inspiration. She’s such an amazing writer, I just wanted to give her something to start with and let her just do her thing from there. She brought in a couple of other talented writers to help with this record. Shoutout to Traviz Wilde and Delano Vacianna! Both are dope writers and based out of London like Courtney. So after they did their thing, Courtney sent over the first draft, and I just made some minor tweaks and gave a couple of notes. Overall, it took a village to create this song.

When creating your sweet sonics and production for "What I Need (feat. Courtney Bennett)," what was your solo creative process like? How did you achieve such a desirous and lustful sonic atmosphere?

So 90’s R&B music is just engraved in my artistic being, and that just shows up every time I create anything musical. When I create, I only could go off of what I know and feel. When I try to make anything through a different lens other than my own, it never feels right and doesn’t resonate. So when I was producing this song, I was in a space where I wanted to remember how I felt when I was listening to R&B music as a kid, and how I had interpreted what love would sound like during those times.

What can we anticipate next from you?

Just more art. More poetry, more music, visuals, and just anything creative.

Photo by: Micholiano

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