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Experience the Dynamic Production of Shawn Xavien’s New Album “Don’t Worry I’ll Wait 3”

The multifaceted producer, creator, and genre-bending artist Shawn Xavien spins us into a stimulating sonic web with his recent 8-track instrumental album, Don't Worry I'll Wait 3.

Shawn Xavien's career has spanned nearly two decades. You can find him credited on various productions for television, stage play soundtracks, and several critically acclaimed albums. The winner of the 2021 AACCS award for Entrepreneurship in Music, Shawn Xavien also launched his late-night internet show Xactly With Shawn Xavien, where he hosts different independent acts.

Now, he's ready to bring in even more loyal fans with his latest album, Don't Worry I'll Wait 3. The record gives us an in-depth look at Xavien's artistic approach and versatile stylings, all while keeping us locked into every transition and switch-up.

The album opens with the introductory track, "Nowhere Fast," where a loud voice screams to "let them wait." Before we know it, Shawn Xavien drops us into a drum-heavy old-school hip-hop beat with thick brass samples and scratchy record spins. The melancholy and haunting keys in the background bring an exciting edge that opens the album on a kickass note, sparking our speakers with the flame that's kept timeless hip-hop alive.

Moving into track number two, "Stay Here," Shawn Xavien switches things up with more of an electronic influence through large and buzzy things that topple our speakers over. The tight and crispy percussion paired with the pulsating vocal sample is perfect for the dancefloor, and the song's overall rhythm is irresistible. Shawn Xavien's drum arrangements are exceptional; he has no issue keeping the groove alive and thriving.

Haunting our speakers is the third track, "Misfit," which opens with a haunting vocal-like synth that washes our speakers in a dark and mystical cloud. The buzzy and vibrating synths lead us into the downtempo drums, which float through the low and high ends with stellar hi-hats and punchy kicks. One could describe this song as haunting lo-fi; it's definitely chill, but carries a dark edge that cuts like a knife.

Reaching the album's halfway point with track number four, "Waves," Shawn Xavien successfully switches the vibe once again and leaves us drifting into the celestials with his stunning arrangements. The tappy hi-hats and woody percussion paired with a brilliant and looped keyboard melody feels like floating among the clouds, or maybe through the "Waves." It's a soothing and laidback piece that helps us get to know Xavien's artistic range and production abilities even better.

Onto the fifth track, "Gum Drops on Ice," we're met with a set of melodic and modern synths that leave us with chills. It doesn't take long for Shawn Xavien to set the groove and get our toes tapping with his infectious hip-hop drums and sweet violin samples that add organic zest. This is another dynamic yet engaging tune that tells a story without a single lyric, letting you interpret it however you please.

Upping up the mysterious vibe is track number six, "Slow Burn Under the Bridge," which opens with a melancholy organ paired with light piano keys that set the moody tone. As the background continues to crunch with white noise, Shawn Xavien drops his iconic drums to give the song a well-rounded and complete feel. There's a hazy and ghostly vibe to the overall experience, something anyone can appreciate when they have some reflecting to do.

In the seventh track, "Images Of," Shawn Xavien kicks off this moving and cathartic experience with string-like synths that wave through the foreground with boundless emotion. Later on, Xavien includes a section of Charlie Chaplin's final speech in The Great Dictator, preaching love, kindness, and the coming together of humanity. All while Chaplin stops us dead in our tracks, Xavien's production keeps us there, basking in the beautiful sonic ambiance he carefully arranged.

Landing on the album's eighth and outro track, "Last Summer," Shawn Xavien takes us into perhaps one of the most dynamic tracks of the record. As we melt into the cinematic strings and brass that ooze emotion, Xavien kicks our speakers with his skilled drum arrangements for a final spin around the block. The haunting cello and light violins alongside the modern hip-hop drums is something we didn't know we needed until now, closing the entire album on a note of passion and love.

When you're not sure what your ears are craving but know you want to groove, Shawn Xavien has something you'll adore. Experience the dynamic artistic range of his new album, Don't Worry I'll Wait 3, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Shawn Xavien. We admire the genre-bending and engaging sounds within your recent instrumental album, Don't Worry I'll Wait 3. When did you begin creating songs for the album? Did anything inspire the project?

I began working on DWIW3 shortly after releasing DWIW2 in November of 2021. I’m constantly putting down ideas and such, so I’ve built up quite a catalog of music. I’m inspired by all things music and enjoy creating a mood, a vibe that when someone hears it they get lost in it. I also like seeing what people come up with in comparison to myself. It’s exciting to me.

Did you want listeners to take away any specific themes or concepts throughout the album, Don't Worry I'll Wait 3? How did you want them to interpret the album?

The album is meant to be interpreted however the listener sees fit while also getting a glimpse of what I was trying to convey.

Why did you decide to take the instrumental route for Don't Worry I'll Wait 3, and not feature any artists on your tracks?

Like DWIW 1 & 2, the decision to release all instrumentals was solely to engage listeners and creators with the hope that each individual would put their own individual take on 1 or all of the tracks. The series is a beat tape for the masses.

Did you create the production for Don't Worry I'll Wait 3 entirely by yourself? What does your personal creative process look like?

All the production was done solely by me using a combination of original and software-created samples. As you can see I also pulled a couple of vocal samples as well in order to create a specific feel on tracks “Nowhere Fast” which samples James Earl Jones from “Coming to America” and Charlie’s Chaplins speech from “The Great Dictator on “Images of."

As for my creative process, it’s really me going through a library of sounds until something catches my ear, and I build a simple melody which evolves into something that some times I wasn’t even thinking of.

How does Don't Worry I'll Wait 3 stand out or contrast your previous albums? What are the main differences between this body of work and the others?

There's a difference in energy between DWIW3 and its previous counterparts. From the jump, it’s uptempo and edgy, then it mellows out towards the end, closing out the series.


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