Experience The Sensational New Track From Gregory Tan "Prayer Of A Warrior"

Gregory Tan, a composer for multimedia released his own material and it was nothing less than a beautiful masterpiece! Gregory Tan gets much of his inspiration from cinematic music and you can tell that he incorporates it into his own augmented sound.

His recent release "Prayer of a Warrior" has a dramatic yet beautiful and seemingly intriguing instrumental that takes you to a place of sensationalism. The piece title kind of sets a setting and tone for the song. While listening to this I think of war, but not war in a negative connotation but more so in a metaphorical sense. Overcoming something that was deemed too difficult to overcome, dodging and knocking down your obstacles, and power! The song touches to a part of your emotions that not many classical pieces itself can do. Gregory did a wonderful job linking his work in comparison with his title. It makes complete sense to me and sets off a thought process that you too can reach that feeling of satisfaction. Without lyrics, This song was able to storytell and connect to your emotions.

Quoting Tan, he states “The interesting thing about cinematic music is that it brings out a certain kind of emotion that lays deep into our souls. Not that other genres of music don’t, but because cinematic music is often paired with a visual thematic of sorts, the overall package delivered is somewhat able to strike a deeper chord with the audience.” or in a more simpler version, Cinematic music has this uncanny way of telling the listener how to feel but refrains from telling them what to feel. This song is very distinctive opposed to what we are use to reviewing/listening too and we were overly impressed with the way Gregory was able to compose this non-lyrical poetic sound. Check out ‘Prayer of a Warrior’ and experience it for yourself!

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