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Experience the Smooth Stylings of Jaonere With, "Redefine"

The London-based singer-songwriter and R&B/Alt-Rock artist Jaonere releases an emotional and dreamy single with his latest release, "Redefine." Knowing that he fancied a career in the music industry since before he can remember, Jaonere initially found the inspiration to create with help from his home-life. Fast forward a few years, Jaonere found inspiration through the sounds of R&B and Alt-Rock, leading him to blur the lines of these genres and releasing music for anyone to appreciate.

Now releasing his latest single, "Redefine," listeners can hear a more reflective and sound message come from Jaonere within this piece. As he serenades us with his rhythmic lyrical delivery and emotional message, Jaonere gives us a serene sense of introspection with help from the song's blissful and smooth-sailing production.

Jaonere's single "Redefine" opens with wavy electric guitar strums and a mid-tempo drum beat. Blending organic and synthetic drum patterns to make for a chilling R&B atmosphere, the production continues to expand through a subtle yet vital bassline and the smoothest vocal chops.

Listening to Jaonere's passionate and reflective message, he sings a story of redefining our reality to make it a more accepting, open-minded, and cultured space as he sings for his brothers and sisters who have seen the most grueling year. We're more than appreciative of powerful lyrical messages like this, primarily through the sweet stylings of Jaonere; he gives us a better understanding of the changes that must be made.

Don't miss out on such a moving and blissful single like "Redefine," as Jaonere pulls us in close with an emotional message while offering the utmost serene production to get down with.

Hello Jaonere and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the heart and emotion you've placed into your single "Redefine." Why did you feel compelled to create a song like this?

Thanks and I’m glad that came across. I’ve been trying to write and create happier songs for a long time but every time I try it never ends out that way...I think given the events of last year I was able to really assess how I feel about myself and how I perceive others that appear different and similar to me. I know that those perceptions are closely linked. It really made me acknowledge the disparities and inequalities that are still so prevalent in the world.

What message did you want to get across to listeners with the release of your single "Redefine?"

For anyone who has been told they were lesser than, or not good enough for any reason I want them to hear this song and redefine all the negative thoughts that circulate in their mind about themselves. I want them to protect their inner child despite all the bullshit that they may face on a day to day - remain grounded, hopeful, and passionate about their convictions. Along with this, I want the listeners to think about how they think about others and if it’s negative or hateful, why is that? We are never too old to redefine the way we think. Speaking on the production and instrumentation within "Redefine," how did you craft the sonics to offer a serene atmosphere that compliments your lyricism? The beat was produced by UrBan Nerd Beats so all credits to them on that! lol. I added backing vocals to thicken up the track in the studio. I work with a great engineer called Whodini who knows my voice very well and how to layer my vocals perfectly to create an atmosphere. Now that you've released your single "Redefine," following your debut album 'All We Have Is Now,' what should we expect from your forthcoming tunes. 'All We Have is Now' was an EP but for some reason, it was labeled as an Album once it reached the online stores. But I want to just keep creating music and putting it out there. Have fun with different types of sounds. Hopefully some upbeat happier songs!



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