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Experience the Versatilities of Rap Artist Dezert Eagle in "Handling My Business"

Dezert Eagle is the kind of artist you'd instantly fall in love with if you're a devote rap fan. He extends his artistry in ways listeners need. Dezert Eagle is constantly engaged with his audience, and we can easily tell that he cares about the connections he makes with the people listening on the other end. In terms of the elements, Dezert Eagle integrates into his tracks, think the most iconic stylings of 90's rap/hip hop, with contemporary influences from the rap scene today. This is the aspect that makes Dezert Eagle and his music resonate with us. He maintains an edge that is pivotal to have in the rap scene today. Dezert Eagle recently came out with a fresh design of underground rap, "Handling My Business".

The way Dezert Eagle phrased this track was completely complementing to him and his sound. Every aspect of "Handling My Business" tied in with one another to produce that prominent old school vibe. It's the type of vibe you can easily connect with as a listener. "Handling My Business" is created to feel like an intimate experience with the artist and listener. Dezert Eagle does a phenomenal job at creating that type of communion with his listening base. It's a smooth interaction with Dezert Eagle in "Handling My Business". He's the type of artist that thrives off of making that honest and warm atmosphere through music. Dezert Eagle is resourceful with his sound, and how he collects various melodies to produce the underlying beat in the track. He's memorable, which means you'll be hearing more about this artist in the near future!


Hey Dezert Eagle! We gave a listen to "Handling My Business" and immediately appreciated the old-school stylings you were able to integrate and make so prominent throughout the track. Would you say that the old school type feel is a huge characteristic of your artistry?

I would definitely say its a heavy influence.! This particular track is literally pulled from the golden era of hip hop so the feeling is inevitable. However, Although my biggest influences come from the 90s era. I do not fit in a box that is sealed with solely an old school stamp. But this will become more apparent as I release more of the new music that's on the way.

What did you personally want your listeners to receive from listening to "Handling My Business"? 

I am a very busy individual who hardly stays in one place for too long. Reason being that if something needs to be done then I'm gonna go do it. Always 'Handling my Business'. I'd say I made it with an expectation to resonate with all the hustlers of the world. But in every aspect of the word, not just the streets. My story is mine to tell, but any go-getter out there, whatever the field knows exactly what it means to be handling their business.

Can you describe the various places you draw your lyrical inspiration from? Especially for the lyrics within "Handling My Business"?

My lyrics are all drawn from a combination of personal experiences, experiences of family and friends and sometimes a combination of experiences and imagination when it comes to writing stories. Handling my Business was definitely drawn from my own experiences.

Your tracks have always had a sense of intimacy, in the way that you connect pretty well with your listeners. Do you find this intimacy to remain with your listeners when you're performing live at shows? What's the experience like when you're playing your music in front of people?

Yes. Most of the shows I do are in an intimate setting anyway. So I'm always able to connect with the audience. Once I get em then I've got em. I always get the crowd participation going and the energy is always of a high vibration. Handling My Business goes down in a live setting because the hook is so easy to relay.! 

We've heard that you're planning on releasing more tracks in the near future! What kind of sounding are you hoping to integrate into these tracks that contrast from the elements in "Handling My Business"?

I have quite a broad spectrum of music to release this year. The vibe that you have captured from what you have heard so far will still remain throughout. But you will also hear some interesting but fully hip hop based music.



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