Experience Zanib's Afro-Wave Sonic Experience In "How We Go"

Not just an artist but a movement for freedom, singer-songwriter and Afro-Nubian recording artist Zanib starts a passionate fire in her newest single, "How We Go."

Always embracing her identity as an Afro-Nubian, Zanib never fails to use her multi-instrumentalist skills and songwriting to tell her story. With tri-lingual lyrics expressed through rap, vocals, and instrumentals, Zanib blends sound like soul, rhythm, blues, hip-hop, and ethnic influences to create a global afro-wave sonic experience.

Her diverse artistic palette is best experienced in songs like "How We Go," Zanib's most recent hit that ignites the music scene with sparks of passion. At the same time, she expresses her appreciation for a bond that will never be broken. It's the perfect modern-day ballad that dances through the speakers with the vibrance of Afrobeat sound merged with r&b stylings and lush, contemporary production.

Elaborating on the new track, "How We Go," we're greeted with the smoothest Afrobeat production paired with groovy percussion and Zanib's sweet-sounding vocals. Her loving lyrics and rhythmic rhymes bring all the devotion and tenderness we could ask for, and the song's groovy instrumentals emphasize the exciting atmosphere tenfold.

Zanib is one of those artists that's easy to listen to; her breezy melodies and ethnic influences deliver such a diverse and dynamic listening experience for any listener. Plus, her portrayal of such intimate emotions is effortless; she easily wraps the listener into her passionate concepts while inviting them to get down with the song's irresistible instrumentals and groovy production.

We encourage you to forget your stressors and turn up the good vibes with Zanib's vibrant new single, "How We Go," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Zanib. We're so impressed with the diverse and dynamic listening experience you've provided with your new single, "How We Go." What inspired you to create this passionate and sensual hit?

This song was created from a place of freedom, like most of my music. I have always resonated with afro music and the context of what is being expressed. The frequencies are always elevated, and the lyrical content is perfect for manifestation. It is really heart-centered music, and that's why everyone can't help but dance and move when it's played. I was in the studio one day mixing some of my music, and the instrumental came on, and I immediately started singing the hook. Everything else I did on the song was freestyle or punched-in. I didn't write down any lyrics, I just expressed what was coming from my soul at the moment.

Did you create the production and instrumentals for "How We Go" entirely by yourself? What was that behind-the-scenes process like?

This beat was not one that I produced myself. I collaborate with many artists all over the world, including Dubai, Spain, London, and other places all over the world. This beat was produced by Danny E. Normally. In most of my songs, I include violin production either embedded in the beat I am working with, or I will create a solo composition for the strings to stand out in the song, whether for an intro, outro, or in the mix. The behind-the-scenes process really comes from first finding the beat and the sound that I resonate with. I don't usually conceptualize the song beforehand, I just express what comes to my spirit in the immediate moment. Sometimes I write, but lately, I have been punching in to really test my artistry and to not get caught up or stuck on lyrics that could sometimes lead to writer's block in an interesting way. After everything was tracked out, I went through and mixed the whole song, from the beat to the adlibs and everything in between. The mixing process usually takes me about a week or two, so I can have time to let the song digest and come back with fresh ears so I can catch the details I want to be mixed down. After that, my co-owner of the studio and lead engineer led the mastering process. Through this process, I will test the song with multiple speakers and even preview it at a club or event with DJ speakers to make sure it will translate smoothly for all types of listening experiences. When the song was completed, I directed the photoshoot for the cover art and the visuals that we were using for promotion. The process is a labor of love, but it is always fulfilling to see an idea come to fruition.

Did you have any artistic influences in mind when creating "How We Go?" What sort of sounds, artists, or projects might have influenced this song?

I am very inspired by Tems and the way she approaches the afro-wave world. Tems voice is very unique and unlike any other singer, and I love how she embraces her qualities. Wiz Kid and Burna Boy are also artists I study with their instrumentation, approach to lyricism, and the energy they create through their sounds. I always incorporate cultural influences into my music and songwriting, which is why there is a verse in Arabic that is also interwoven with Spanish in this song.

How did you want to make your audience feel when hearing "How We Go?" What did you want the song to do for them?

I want the audience to feel freedom, harmony, and inspiration. I want the song to allow them to get lost in the sounds and reflect from a place of peace. The lyrical content is really important because what we speak comes to existence, so I manifest it through my music, and I want people to feel that same level of empowerment. We can dream about the life we want, or we can create it.

What's next for you?

Next, I have an Afro-Wave EP coming out with some similar vibes to How We Go but very dynamic, eclectic, and unique. I stepped outside of myself to create the EP and get lost in more sensual, upbeat, and vibrant music. Along with that, I am constantly performing. I have been on tour for most of the year, so just continuing to ride the performance wave, continue evolving and expanding my sound, and as always, spreading light through the Freedom Waves movement and everything that it stands for.