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Experienced and Talented, Hosemen Has Been Killing the Game Since 2005

The uncommonly hypnotic rock trio, Hosemen is always searching for new inspiration for their wonderful hits! The band formed in 2005 and has been killing it ever since. However, we’re quite positive that 2020 might be the breakout year for this magnetic band. After more than a decade of dedication to songwriting and supporting the local music scene, Hosemen are finally ready to break out of the tri-state area with their full-length “Saturday Nite Conformity”.

This 7 song album will potentially place Hosemen into a status they’ve dreamt and worked hard towards for more than 10 years. The project consists of seven diverse songs that you can catch a vibe to and indulge yourself in. Hosemen continues to defy the odds and impress us with their piercing sound and striking music. It’s like they keep getting better and better! You may think it’s difficult for a band from 2005 to grab your attention like the artists in 2015 however, Hosemen shows us that with age comes experience, and with experience comes quality! If the first album wasn’t enough for you (Which we can relate!) then you can be sure to be on the lookout for Hosemen’s second studio album that they are reportedly working on.

Listen to Hosemen here.

Welcome to back to BuzzMusic Hosemen! What a year it's been for you! Can you tell our readers what the band has been up to in 2019?

In 2019 Hosemen recruited our newest member Michael Neidhardt and he is rad as fuck on the drums. Sometimes past members such as Wade Mcmanus or Anthony Realbuto will fill in as well which gives us 2 back up drummers to work with if Mike can't make it. He has a big boy job now which is rad for him. We have recently played multiple new venues in Connecticut and NYC and even played a few tight little house shows. Quinn and Brien are traveling to Portugal and Amsterdam at the end of November and hopefully passing out some material along the way. Hosemen recently went in the studio to track 6 new songs.

Let’s talk about your killer album “Saturday Nite Conformity”. What was the main theme behind this project?

Saturday Nite Conformity is an honest album one hundred percent of the way through. It was mainly the songs that we first wrote and fell in love with, even if we aren't in love with half of the songs too this day. The main theme was basically surrounding yourself with good people and remembering the troubles we once had and may still have but to continue thriving forward and staying positive. Death to all butt metal!

Which song from “Saturday Nite Conformity” do you think best represents your band’s sound and artistry and why?

I think I Surround represents us the best because it has a chunky bass line and comes in kicking ass! It was the first song we ever showed anyone and people loved it. We didn't release it as a single but in our minds it is! It is one of those songs that can just make us shine and show people what real talent we are. I think a nice fat bass line is what people need to hear sometimes. The guitar tones are also phenomenal on that track and were done in one take which makes it special!

How would you detail the creative process behind the production of this album?

We had Ritchie Corsello bust our ass for this album and he is working on our new album too. He is the Einstein behind it all and worked with us through and through to get the sounds not only that we wanted but sometimes what he wanted. In the end, we did want to sound a bit heavier but we were very happy with what we got. The creative process was basically smoking a lot of weed and slamming down beer to get the in the moment sound. Brien would also get butt naked when he recorded bass tracks just to lighten the mood up a little and have a good what the fuck kind of energy to the songs. We do have pictures to prove it! You have to take the studio seriously but also have fun at the same time!

We hear you are working on your second studio album! Can you tell us a little about your new project?

The new project consists of 6 masterpieces. They will all be released as singles because why the fuck not? What other bands can say every song is a single on an album? I bet none because every other band writes mediocre crap! I'm only half kidding by the way! So we just finished tracking drums and bass at the Carriage House Studios in North Stamford. Unfortunately, Brien did not record butt naked so it may not be as good as the first album but you will be the judge. We spent a day and a half recording live and Ritchie hated every song at first but after giving it a few days he came back and fell in love with some. As long as we are happy, fuck the producer anyways. It's our album not his but we do love him and he is our boyfriend. Wow, this is getting weird just like our new album will sound. Keep your fingers crossed 2020 it's CUMMING and we don't have a title for it yet.

What is the legacy you hope to leave behind you Hosemen and what can we expect in the new year? Looking forward to hearing what's next!

We will be known as the best band to come out of this shit hole we call Connecticut and eventually be the best band of 2020 in Vietnam. We are dreaming big and playing live with superb confidence. We don't miss a single note and we keep getting better and better so you better watch out! The new album is going to rock and it will go triple platinum in Syria. Watch our for our bass player Brien because he is a 9 out of 10 and you're the 1 he is missing!


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