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Experience The Chilling Sonic World Of Christina Ward's Beautiful New Album, 'Calendar'

Hailing from New Jersey, singer-songwriter and electronic-infused psychedelic folk recording artist Christina Ward brings listeners through a surreal and emotional soundscape with her latest single, "Tonight," from her debut LP, Calendar.

Christina Ward has a knack for writing songs that inspire feelings of nostalgia and renewal. She's been active in the Jersey City music scene for the past 20 years, having released a string of one-off singles since 2000. With two EPs under her belt, Rent, and Humans, Christina Ward is gearing up to release her debut LP, Calendar, on October 21.

Now, Ward introduces listeners to the second lead single from the album, entitled "Tonight." Most of the project was written and recorded when she was going through a divorce, "which made me recall all the times in my life that I've had to restart from scratch," says Ward. These recollections bring us to the single "Tonight," an introspective piece that looks at the highs and lows of love and navigating through rocky roads.

Diving deeper into the new single, "Tonight," we're sonically greeted with buzzy and faint background synths that drift into a delay-drenched acoustic guitar alongside Ward's softspoken and soothing vocals. While expressing present situations and feeling brave in someone's arms, there are senses and lingering feelings that this isn't the happiest relationship.

Christina Ward's deeply emotional lyrics grab the listener and shake them to the core with relatable thoughts, realizations, and love words. It's a hypnotic song with earworm melodies and the smoothest instrumentals alongside spaced-out production to make for a dynamic listening experience. This entire song feels like losing yourself in a comforting daydream.

Treat your ears to the sonic gift they deserve with Christina Ward's new single, "Tonight," off her upcoming debut album, Calendar. Find the new song on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Christina Ward, and congratulations on your latest release, "Tonight." New Jersey's music scene is legendary. So many amazing acts have emerged over the years. What does your home state mean to you, and do you find unique inspiration in your lively community?

There is so much great music in the town I'm staying in now. I spend time in a few places at the moment, but the local music scene here and in Philly is amazing. I find inspiration in the community and the musicians around me - I feel very fortunate!

Tell us about your new LP, Calendar. It's your first full-length, right? How do these songs differ from previous releases, and how do you see it fitting into your overall catalog?

This is my first full-length. I'm into experimenting with production and different sounds. There is a similar vibe, but I think everything I record differs. I like to try out different ideas and not be too concerned with whether they will fit in with previous recordings. I'm sure they will continue to evolve!

It's well known that songwriters tend to find real catharsis in making their art. You dig into some heavy personal subject matter on the new record. Do you find it healing to unpack things you've gone through with your music?

It's cathartic. It's a way of processing past events, traumatic or otherwise. There is a lot of heavy subject matter. I think it's important to be open about subjects like mental illness or sexual assault; I spent a lot of my life trying to hide these things. Writing is an opportunity to be transparent about them.

We'd love to know some of your all-time favorite albums that have helped shape your approach to songwriting... what are a few that you find yourself revisiting year after year?

Led Zeppelin III, Cat Power - You Are Free, Pixies - Debaser, Sonic Youth - Dirty, Iron and Wine - The Creek Drank the Cradle, Lomelda - Hannah... I could keep going forever, haha.

What would you say is the most rewarding part about sharing your art with your fans? What do you hope they take away from the new album?

Music is such an amazing way to connect with people. I feel grateful to be able to do that. I hope that whoever listens can find their own meaning in it...


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