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Experimental and Eclectic, Nick Flamels Drops “Enter The Darkside”

Residing in Mississippi, 25 year old songwriter/producer Nick Flamel has a passion for orchestral and alternative music. He’s known from his eclectic mind and genre-bending sound arrangements. His EP “The Darkside” is out now and features 5 tracks of pure artistry. It’s available on all major streaming platforms.

Out early this year, Nick Flamel dropped the single “Enter The Darkside (Donny Thornberry)”. This track blends tribal, alternative, instrumentals, and a heavy bass into a hip-hop melody. Groundbreaking and experimental, Nick Flamel is not afraid of the unique. Nick gives off an effortless confidence that you can see through his music video for “Enter The Darkside”. As well as being an artist, Nick is a gifted screenwriter and film scorer and this is evident through his music video. His soulful lyricism and deliberate flow takes you on a journey throughout “Enter The Darkside”. Nick describes this track and his entire new EP as an outlet to expose the not so politically correct thoughts suppressed by the lighter, happier and more acceptable request of his talents. With an EP titled “The Darkside” out now, Nick Flamel is on the rise, check him out and stay on the lookout for what he delivers next!

Check out “Enter The Darkside” here and read more below in our interview!

Hi Nick! How did you get started in making music?

I started out in the church as a drummer around age 6. Eventually I joined the school band where I learned how to actually build and structure music. I decided to actually take the time out to record around last year. My friends were use to hearing me rap all the time but after they learned that I could actually compose music they pushed me to go ahead and put some material out. 

What is the meaning behind “Enter The Darkside”?

I really couldn’t give a simple answer on that so I’ll just say the meaning could be relative to each listener and their perception. 

What do you want the listener to take away from this track?

I want them to take away the lesson of balance. Often time we shun the darkness and avoid unpleasantries or anything negative and label them as bad. Instead, I encourage people to embrace the darkness as much as the light and balance them out. That’s all ying and yang is. A balance of both sides. 

Is there any artist that influences your sound? If so, who? 

Kanye West, Kevin Gates, Kadriene and Damien Cleark, Sam Smith, and a bunch of Orchestra composers many people wouldn’t know haha. 

What’s your favorite part in “Enter The Darkside”?

“Everyone hates us, everyone’s scared, Everyone fear what the don’t understand” Pretty self explanatory. Humans sometime shy away from things that go beyond their comprehension abilities. But a person can learn to love, understand and appreciate things they never though they would just by having an open mind. 


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