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Experimental Indie-Rock Collective Follow Deep Brings The Energy With “Suffocating”

All the way from Hull, England, Follow Deep is a three-piece indie/alternative rock band that brings their heavy, yet unique, sound to our playlist. Energetic both on and off stage, Follow Deep incorporates a saxophone into their songs to bring a heavy, big band feel to their authentic sound. Together for just under three years, Follow Deep has much more on the way! 

Follow Deep has an energetic, rhythm packed track titled “Suffocating”. The track boasts retrospective lyricism, pummeling guitars, catchy melodic riffs, and heavy rhythmic drums. Follow Deep exudes authentic chemistry that only comes from fine calibration and undeniable talent. “Suffocating” weaves through storytelling elements that focus on the trials and tribulations of love, while still remaining a contemporary indie-rock track. The lead vocalist has a unique voice that is showcased brilliantly throughout the almost spoken-word verses. Using music as an outlet for their emotive lyricism, Follow Deep establishes a solid foundation for their fans to relate to their songs. “Suffocating” is a welcome and addicting new addition to the music industry and I highly recommend you check it out and stay on the lookout for what Follow Deep delivers next!

Check out “Suffocating” here

Welcome to BuzzMusic Follow Deep! We love your sound and we’re always curious about how new bands form. Can you start by introducing yourself and how you met and created Follow Deep? 

We are an indie/alt-rock three-piece band from Hull (UK), consisting of Luke (vocals, guitar), Joe (bass, keys, sax), and Jed (vocals, drums). We all met at a music academy in Hull and got thrown together almost straight away. Initially, we started as a covers band, but after a year of being bored playing other people’s music and a few changes to our line-up, we decided to do our own thing and created Follow Deep.

“Suffocating” is such a fun and upbeat song! What's the underlying message within the lyricism?

Pretty much the complete opposite! It’s about someone who realizes they’re in a bad relationship and ends it. They then start questioning themselves and if they did the right thing, before realizing that although they’re unhappy they’re still better off to be alone than to be with the other person.

How do you personally feel about live performance? Would you say that you prefer the live performance aspect of music more over the writing/recording process?

We love playing live! We’re always counting down the minutes until our next gig, no matter where it is or how many people are there. There’s no feeling like playing on stage with your friends there with you watching everyone in the crowd having fun and dancing to your music. It’s still a lot of fun going through the writing and recording process, especially when we finish off a new song, but it’s a completely different kind of buzz compared to playing live.

We notice that you’ve released 3 singles in 2019 already! Is this pointing to a larger project in the near future?

When we decided to bring out those 3 singles, we didn’t really know what direction we wanted to take – whether we were just going to carry on releasing singles or plan on something bigger. Since then we’ve actually got something pretty big planned, but I guess you’ll have to wait and see what it is...

Thank you for allowing us to feature your music! What else is happening for Follow Deep through the end of 2019/early 2020?

Thank you for featuring us! We’ve got quite a lot of gigs happening through October around the UK which are looking to be a lot of fun. The end of this year and the start of next year promises to be very exciting for us as we’re going to be doing something we haven’t done before, so it’ll definitely be worth keeping an eye open for that!



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