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Explore the 'Electric Playground' with Flying Rabbit's Exhilarating EP

Based in Oslo, Norway, the crossover band Flying Rabbit sends us into the stratosphere with a psychedelic-infused 4-track EP, 'Electric Playground.'

Consisting of members from Wales, England, Sweden, and Norway, Flying Rabbit was brought together merely through their love for unique music that moves the mind, body, and soul. Fusing sonic scales of retro psychedelia, garage, surf rock, and global music, Flying Rabbit is eager to introduce their latest exhilarating body of work, 'Electric Playground.'

Jumping into the EP with the intro track, "New Age Witch," we're hit with a blistering surf-rock feel through the upbeat drum patterns, thumping double bass, and exhilarating electric guitar. As the lead vocalist begins singing an individual on an endless journey to find inner peace and clarity, she haunts the song with a powerful appeal that gives us a few chills up the spine. With the addition of an alien-like synth that sweetens the psychedelic atmosphere, Flying Rabbit pushes through with heavy vibes and a relatable lyrical message while ending the song off with sonics from the past and present, giving us the trip of a lifetime.

Taking the next track for a spin, "Don't Oppress Me" opens with a sharp surf-rock atmosphere through the gripping guitar arrangements, upbeat drum patterns, and powerful brass sections. The lead vocalist begins singing lyricism surrounding a spoiled individual who is often misunderstood through her brilliance that comes off as arrogance. We love the energy and playfulness that this song captures, as Flying Rabbit sends us back to the 60s with each in-depth and textured element. Not to mention a heavy brass breakdown at the end; we couldn't have asked for a more flavored tune that drips with life and nostalgia.

Getting mysterious with the next track, "Keep on Digging," Flying Rabbit opens the song with an ominous double bass and the lead vocalist's sultry vocal flair. Also releasing a psychedelic-infused music video for this piece, Flying Rabbit takes us into a trance with the video's human-made mandalas that move to the beat of their infectious tune. The track itself gives us hints of the roaring 20s through the jazzy and mysterious instrumental flairs, especially with the vast instrumental transitions that pick up in energy and get us grooving. We love the broad blend of organic and synthetic elements, as Flying Rabbit sonically takes us into several different eras.

Landing on the EP's last track, "Running Water," Flying Rabbit opens the song with a more uplifting flair through their tightly-wound instrumentation at an up-tempo pace. As the lead vocalist begins pouring her broad stylings over this piece, she takes us into an energetic space with her powerful delivery that livens our days. This track gives us everything we need to get out of a rut, as Flying Rabbit ends their EP with a heated and versatile banger to get us moving to the beat. With heavy brass instrumentals, intoxicating double bass, sharp electric guitar, potent drum patterns, and a sweltering female lead, Flying Rabbit has truly crafted sonic perfection.

With the trail-blazing EP, 'Electric Playground,' we feel this intense magnetic pull towards Flying Rabbit and the 4-track's they've delivered as they explore the depths of various genres to carve their sound.

We love the versatility and depth you've explored with your EP 'Electric Playground.' What inspired the creation of the EP? We wanted to make something unique but still available to a wider audience. We get a lot of inspiration from seeing all kinds of live music like balkan and middle eastern music, psychedelic rock and jazz and some of that finds its way into our music. When we jam each one of us brings something to the table, and we’re usually pretty open to going in wherever direction feels natural for the song. Could you elaborate on the creative/recording process your group experienced when creating 'Electric Playground'? How did you divide the process amongst your members? Jacob, on guitar, usually makes the riffs and chord progressions, while I usually make the lyrics and vocal melodies. So when Jacob brings an idea I think of the mood that the music puts me in and start by improvising a melody and lyrics over it. When we have a rough sketch we get the gang together and jam, drink and have a jolly good time. Our jam sessions are usually the highlight of our week! We’re a group of friends and the guys are really versatile as musicians, so that gives a lot of room for playfulness in the process. What should listeners take away from the entirety of your EP 'Electric Playground,' and how does it give listeners a solid introduction to who your band is? We hope to challenge the listeners' music taste a little bit and introduce something new to explore. The EP is quite wide-ranging when it comes to genres and inspirations, and it’s a taste of what’s to come in the future. We’ve spent lockdown writing a lot more music, and a full-length album will be released later this year! Could you take us through the creation of your music video for "Keep on Digging"? How did you achieve such surreal edits for the video? Jacob works as a filmmaker and we actually filmed the video on a green screen in our living room. The lyrics describe how we are ruining our planet, and we based the video on a kaleidoscope circle that represents the planet. Towards the end of the video, everything goes faster and the images get distorted until everything implodes, representing our increasingly destructive future. Editing the video was really time-consuming, using effects with a lot of small tweaks, but it was all worth it in the end! Seeing as your EP 'Electric Playground' is fuelled with energy and life, which track off the project are you most excited to perform live? We managed to do one gig before Covid made it difficult to perform and “Don’t Oppress Me” was definitely a fun song to play. It has that bouncy ska rhythm and tempo build-up that makes people dance like lunatics! We’re really looking forward to playing live again, and hope it won’t be too long!


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