Explore the Unique EDM/Gospel Stylings of Alorangel!

Eccentric is an understatement of Alorangel. The artist's sound is a blend of contrasting synths, with an automated sounding of Alorangel's voice.

The musical approach here is definitely different from anything we've heard before. Alorangel introduces what captures the essence of both EDM and Gospel, and we're left feeling a conflicting combination of dazed and regenerated.

Artistically, Alorangel has gained as much experience as she could within her time in the music scene, and it almost sounds as if she combines every possible rhythm and melody to make the product that is Alorangel. Her music will intrigue you, as well as astonish what it is you think you know about an EDM/Gospel sound. 

"Lord You Are Everything To Me" is a recent track release from Alorangel, and it truly is an overwhelming experience right from the start. The song begins off with the intense inflections, which were engulfed by the vocal offerings of Alorangel. Her vocal approach fierce and powerful, making for a vivid experience from a listener's point of view.

The theme present within "Lord You Are Everything To Me" is quite expressive, a feature to the track you can only understand if you listen for yourself. Alorangel makes use of familiar soundings within the EDM scene and adds her own unique vocal approach. Her aesthetic is authentic to the very best. We definitely encourage our readers to give a listen to Alorangel, something they haven't quite ever listened to before. 

Discover the unique and eccentric track "Lord You Are Everything To Me" here