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Exploring New Sonic Landscapes: toast’s Melodic Journey Through “clay house”

"Art should never be sociological; it has got to be timeless. It's got to be your vision and how you can represent the world you see," said the late Vivienne Westwood. With powerful words, it's no wonder that this quote inspires Florida's creative toast to live by.

Leaning on the people closest to him, the seemingly vulnerable artist pulls inspiration from various art forms and aims to transport listeners into a newfound world reminiscent of his emotions and theatrical themes.

So, let's pose a question: Why do we have to feel so intensely?

If you're in the same boat as us and occasionally wonder about this, toast is here to let you know you aren't alone in this regard. These moments of life lead to finding your particular person and knowing that you'll take over the world with them. Those isolated moments bring you to the va-va-voom where you never want that person to leave.

His most recent genre-bending release, "clay house," propels through a dimension of vulnerability and lands upon an instantaneous force field of adoration and timeless expression that pulls you in.

"clay house" is part of an extended rollout towards Toast's second full-length album, which is set to be released later this autumn. Providing his audience with a teaser of what's to come, the narrative of this record makes us feel alive as we clasp onto the ebb and flow that makes life what it is.

In this textured dimension of electronic music meets angst and longing, the bright synths pair with the rhythmic energy provided by the bass and percussion in a way that spearheads this track, catapulting you into a whimsy toast that has intentionally meant for you to reach.

His poignant croons have a tasteful amount of vocal processing that allows him to fit the scope of this genre-defying bop, all while telling his narrative in an intriguing manner that has you hooked from the jump. He effortlessly makes you feel that what happens in this "clay house" stays in this "clay house," all while you want to scream it and shout it from the rooftops.

"clay house" can make you feel, thanks to toast.

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, "clay house." Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the title and how it relates to the theme of your new single?

Over the past year and a half, I got obsessed with furniture and interior design. As I dreamt up my ideal home, I pictured soft-rounded corners, lots of art and plants, and something that looked like the cover of a play dough kit. I used that to build the song's scenario and used what my dream house would look like as the title.

What emotions or experiences motivated you to create this record? How did these feelings influence the song's composition?

In the midst of 2020 and being locked in with my favorite person, I wrote what would soon be the 1st verse of the song in a much slower and romantic tempo. I trashed the idea, thinking it would be too much of a predictable release at the time. Last year, I rediscovered it and revamped it into an upbeat song because the more I looked back at that time, the less scary but more happy and enjoyable was my pandemic experience. So, the switch of feelings during my reminiscence influenced it to become a joyful dance track rather than an acoustic ballad.

The picturesque lyrics of "clay house" seem to be symbolic elements. Could you elaborate on the symbolism and the messages you intended to convey?

It portrays a person in an unfamiliar circumstance with their favorite person in the world. It might sound like the best thing to have happened, but it can also be scary, intimidating, and nerve-wracking. Overall, it's best to make the best of these uncomfortable situations, and instead of fearing what may happen or what wrong can come out of it, you can stop for a moment and have a dance party in your living room.

There's a distinct mood conveyed from this record. Can you describe the emotions you aimed to evoke through the lyrics and the music? How would you define your sound?

I tried to convey a comfy, warm, and joyful mood in this track. I wanted it to sound like you and this other person were the only people left alive on earth, running out of resources and time, but decided to have a small dance party in your home quickly. I describe my sound as a nostalgic/coming-of-age soundtrack to a movie you've seen a thousand times and feel like you're the main character.

What can your audience expect from your forthcoming fall album?

People can expect a resolution to all the music I've released. I had been writing songs about being young forever and playing video games with my friends for years, but on this upcoming album, it'll be a more mature approach with the mindset that it's okay to grow up and not lose yourself. It's okay that you cut relationships getting there, and life looks a little different getting older. And it's also ok to go to bed by 10 pm.


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