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Explosive Duo Blue Tiger Give A Small Blueprint On What It Takes To Be A “Rap Star”

Blue Tiger is a hip/hop and rap duo from New Hampshire. They recently released a 13 track album called the “Pawprints”. Since 2015 they’ve been recording in their bedrooms, just to get their feet wet and start their career out. In the fall of 2018, they decided to move out to California to attempt to turn their dreams from their little hometown into a reality of a melting pot in California.

Blue Tiger released their record titled “Rap Star” and the booming beat begins that builds the anticipation for the record. As the beat continues to build progression, it heightens the anticipation in the listener's body. Right when the vocals transition in, you instantly grasp an understanding of what the theme of “Rap Star” is about. It gives off messages of hard-work, persistence and dedication. “Everybody wanna be a rap star, everybody wanna drive fast cars. Nobody wanna put the work in”, the hook says, this encouraging hook is straight-forward, and a bold approach to motivational lyricism. Blue Tiger are a straight-shooter character. Their tenacious and valiant demeanour in their artistry is what makes them ferocious, just like a tiger. Blue Tiger knows they have the capability to become a voice of reason in today’s rap culture, while also demonstrating a wavy appeal to their music. They add charisma and personality to their bars. “Rap Star” was a great hit from a rising and dynamic duo who is destined for greatness.

Check out "Rap Star" here and scroll down for an exclusive interview with Blue Tiger!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Blue Tiger! As a duo, how do you guys balance out your differences in musicality, and fuses it together?

We as a duo have very similar musical influences which makes the creative process come together naturally. We both believe in the common goal of longevity with our music. We want to be know as greats and not to be known for following trends. These two dynamics balance out our differences to try and complement each other not compete with each other. 

Tell us about “Rap Star”, what was the main message you were hoping to give?

In the song “Rap Star” our message is everyone what’s to be a superstar in the “Rap Game” but no one wants to put the work in to hone their skills to be great. They just hope it magically happens. 

What inspired you to write “Rap Star” ? could you relate to this record!?

We became inspired to write this song after creating the beat, because we had been working extremely hard on our album and we felt a song like this was necessary. We see people complain all the time on social media that no one listens to their music or how they don’t get the recognition they deserve. When in reality they don’t actually take they time or use their potential to the fullest to make the best songs they can.  

What were some obstacles you have faced in your career so far & in what ways have you overcame them?

Moving from our home state of New Hampshire to California was a huge obstacle we had to over come. It was a big leap for us but very happy we did it. Another journey that was difficult for us, was making our debut album “Pawprints” as perfect as possible on a small budget. We had to go through multiple audio engineers, producers and studios to find the right one. It was a long and tedious process but somehow we pulled it off.

What could we expect from you two next?

The next steps for Blue Tiger are to steadily work on our next album, work on growing our fan base and rocking some stages! We will be preforming at some local venues in San Diego very soon and then from there we want to expand into LA and more within a few months! 


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