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Explosive Release "Rudy Ray" From Geno Pacino Speaks of What Happens When You Lie

Geno Pacino is a Chicago based poet and entertainer who has always managed to stick out from the crowd. He offers a unique point of view to the table that holds in the hardest parts of his life that the listeners will find familiar. Geno's latest release "Rudy Ray" is a vibing anthemic 3d painting that speaks of the fake people talking too high of themselves. This release features shining guitar riffs, an anthemic synth stab rhythm, steady 808 drums with thundering toms, pitched adlib vocals, and Geno's honest raw performance that has a flair of his personality put into it. The whole record feels like it is being played live at a freestyle with a DJ triggering live sampling, tape stops and classic scratches that add to the whole personality of the release. "Rudy Ray" opens up with a little bit of adlib backstory with a super bluesy organ and guitar that brings a classy mojo before hitting you straight in the gut with the hook. Geno's flow here has that perfect spice of attitude and sass that perfectly aligns with the truth in each of his lyrics. We are loving this release and cannot wait to see what else Geno is able to bring to the table.

Listen to "Rudy Ray" here.



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