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Explosive Single "Chimera" From Jae Catches Our Attention

Benjamin Mungwari or otherwise known as ItslawdJae or just Jae for short is a HIp-Hop Producer based out of Zimbabwe. Jae began his musical journey from the escape it allowed from his emotional backstories. He yearns to create a connection with the listener that induces a creative flow with a vibe. Jae just recently released his exciting new single "Chimera" and it's a modern bop. This record features moody synths, explosive drum rhythms, and an incredibly dynamic evolving vocal performance. The drums have a subtle ethereal ambient vibe to them but also keep up with being crisp and punchy supporting Jae's flow. Jae's performance here is the highlight, it evolves throughout the song from being pitched low, to being vocoded, to having exciting harmonies and adlibs, and to being perfectly clean. "Chimera" really shows Jae's capabilities, his lyric play and rhythm are master-crafted throughout the song to create a dynamic experience. The production of this record has a lot of little intricacies of ear candy that will keep your attention throughout. The background instrumental keeps every section's energy high but always leaves space for Jae's dynamic vocal to breathe and do its exciting thing. This is a record that will surprise you and would definitely regret missing out on it.

Listen to "Chimera" here.



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