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Expose Yourself To The Compassionate Sound of Josh Tavares In Latest Single "West Coast"

Soft. Composed. Intricate. Josh Tavares's voice holds many qualities, and the sound he creates will melt into you in a convoluted kind of way. Based in Toronto, CA, contemporary R&B/pop artist Josh is swinging us off our feet with the incredibly delicate sound of his voice. We feel absolutely entranced and captivated by how Josh is able to execute his articulate sound. His debut single only came out this past June, but Josh has the sound of a mature and seasoned artist. Josh's latest single, "West Coast", followed closely behind his debut, detailing some serious poise and gentleness. 

"West Coast" showcases Josh's vocal dynamics in the most delicate way possible. With that charming R&B feel, combined with integral alternative pop elements, "West Coast" is that tranquil track needed on everyones playlist. Josh dives into the story of relationships with "West Coast", and gets honest about the naivety of love. With a distinct melancholic and serene atmosphere, "West Coast" honestly had us feeling relaxed. The overall production of the track was stellar in terms of execution, as Josh and his vocalism blended well in with the curated sounds, revealing an almost palpable peace of mind. We have to say that "West Coast" was our kind of track, and we know the BuzzMusic R&B/pop listeners will fall in love immediately!

Check out the patient and composed sound of Josh Tavares in "West Coast" here!


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