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Extent’s “Towards The Taste” Proves Real Rock Still Exists

Hailing in San Antonio, Texas, Extent has a sound that demands to be heard. Comprised of four members, Gregory Rivera (producer, vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard) is the front man and jack of all trades, Robert Medina stuns on lead guitar, Gabe Mendez kills it on the bass, and Felix Garza III exudes confidence on the drums. To further expand Gregory’s vision, the collective and intense rock project called Extent has teamed up to create a sound like no other. Presenting a three album and three film project, Extent tells a science fiction story about mother earth selecting the chosen to intake knowledge for the journey to the relocation of humanity. The three albums released are titled “FAR LAND” (2011), “OF BECOMING” (2019) “IMMUNE” (2017).

Featured on the incredible album “IMMUNE” is a track titled “Towards The Taste”. This track includes no vocals, only mind bending guitar riffs and spectacular solos. The intro climbs into a steady melody of heavy guitars and drumming that keeps you on the edge of your seat for what’s coming next. “Towards The Taste” does not disappoint its fans with it’s fully packed four minutes of soul crushing, groundbreaking, pure rock. Extent’s chemistry and precision blasts through the speakers. The lead guitar weaves through ups and downs of intricate sound as it paints a story. Rather than using vocals, the use of instrumentals is much more satisfying. Extent knows what their fans want to hear and deliver it effortlessly. With so much success already, I can’t wait to hear what project Extent has for us next!

Check out “Towards The Taste” here and read more in our exclusive interview below!

What's your writing process like as a group? “Towards The Taste” has such a great sound! What is the meaning behind this song? Why no vocals?

IMMUNE(2017) is a reflection of what was the old Earth(Extent). After years in taking knowledge for "THE CHOSEN", they come to a far planet that just might work for the relocation. Feeling so close to home they all only can truly feel IMMUNE about the now. I wanted to close the concept with no vocals to give the viewer the chance for a second to feel and see as what "THE CHOSEN" experienced the journey to the relocation of humanity!

When you’re not all busy making music, what do you do?

I feel with the revelation of the new industry! Artist are able to create and utilize all platforms available today. That place artist towards the direction of believing the brand they present for their target audience. With instant communication with loved artist everyday.

What are some challenges you’ve faced as a group ? How have you overcome those challenges?

Challenging to always improve and give only the best performance of the Extent brand to our loyal audience around the world. I feel is placed to build direction, strength, and hope to do what I was placed to do on this planet. "We all are simply a piece of nature, that truly does not have control over the reality".


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