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Fabiola Rivera and John Sparling Share an Irresistible and Emotional Ballad

Bringing their strengths together as songwriters, Fabiola Rivera and John Sparling pair up to serve an emotionally charged and dynamic ballad entitled "Can't Stop This Loving You."

Fabiola Rivera, the San Juan-based artist, and singer-songwriter never shy away from exploring music, poetry, and lyricism that tugs at the soul.

On the other hand, the nomadic spirit John Sparling brings his keen intuition for the human condition into every song, as he's known for creating poignant, heartfelt, and sometimes irreverent pieces.

Pairing up for the single of the century, Fabiola Rivera and John Sparling's latest single, "Can't Stop This Loving You," truly moves mountains.

As the song opens like a dreamy and hazy Sunday morning with soothing instrumentals, Rivera and Sparling later take us through a chilling journey with help from their brilliant and heavy cinematic instrumentals that close the song with power.

Listening to "Can't Stop This Loving You," the song gently opens with calming electric guitar picking and Fabiola Rivera's soothing vocal tones. As a haunting and soft piano melody begins making its way in, Rivera delves deeper into her lyricism where she can't help but hold love for someone on the other end of their troubled relationship. As John Sparling makes his vocal appearance, he delivers a brilliant and conceptual back and forth that transitions the song into a cinematic experience.

Although the first half of the song brings us into the trials and tribulations of unhealthy love, Rivera and Sparling later take us through a powerful and thrilling sonic atmosphere by way of a reverbed electric guitar, heavy synth use, a haunting string section, deep basslines, and crashing drum breaks, ending the song on a chilling note.

Don't miss out on the experience of Fabiola Rivera and John Sparling's latest emotional single, "Can't Stop This Loving You," available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Fabiola Rivera and John Sparling. We're deep in the emotional and thought-provoking atmosphere you've delivered within your recent single, "Can't Stop This Loving You." What inspired the creation of this song?

Fabiola: I wish I could say some incredibly elaborate story about why this song came to be, but it really was inspired by love. The kind that’s all-consuming to the point that you’d overlook most anything to remain in that person’s orbit. I think everyone has been in that place at least once or twice.

Did you both handle the lyric writing for "Can't Stop This Loving You"? What was your songwriting process like?

Fabiola: Absolutely. It was a complete collaboration. The song began as a snippet of something I had written and posted on my social media and John replied to it with what he heard after that first verse. After that, we just talked at length and finished writing it together. It all happened in a way that almost felt magical. We just put pen to paper together and discovered what we wanted the song to be.

John: When I first heard Fabiola workshopping this on Instagram I fell in love with the line “You lie like it’s truth,” the chord choice, where she placed the melody and I thought immediately this was going to be special. After reaching out to her I sent her the chorus and we knew we had to finish this song. Got into the studio and began working on it for almost a year.

What inspired the intense sonic switch up towards the end of "Can't Stop This Loving You?" Why did you want to add this powerful sonic shift?

Fabiola: Credit goes to John on that one! The bridge was really his brainchild- it enhances the song perfectly. We didn’t want it to feel repetitive or one-note, and as the song ramps up we wanted it to hit a peak— take listeners by surprise by doing something a little unexpected. We wanted to show the range of the kind of love we were talking about through the music. I think the shift makes the message hit home.

John: I have an affinity for music that shows a deeper subtext to the basic framework. In my songwriting sometimes I’ll have a very major harmonic sound with some pretty sad lyrics, which can really demonstrate that hopeless romanticism. In this case what we’re speaking about in this song as a concept has an incredibly large impact on a person. I know of one or two true heartbreaks that have been formative and last a lifetime and the power and the epic nature of the bridge really showcases that heavy impact.

Is this your first time working together? Should we expect to see more collaborations like "Can't Stop This Loving You" in the future?

Fabiola: We’ve actually known each other for a while and have talked music so many times but had never actually fully collaborated until now! It was an incredible process and if the chance to collaborate presented itself once again, I know I’d definitely jump at it!

John: Fabiola and I are great friends and it was such a blast working together! I’m excited for the next opportunity to get to work with her for sure.

What can fans anticipate next from you?

Fabiola: More music! There’s lots of writing going on right now that should lead to some exciting things. Social media is an amazing way to keep up with what’s happening!

John: The John Sparling Band has posted their first youtube video and I am building a full Audio/Video and Photography media facility to be shooting so much more in! We plan on a JSB EP coming out in 2022 and some really fun cover projects for youtube as well.


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