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Face Off With Static Headz, "Fake Face"

Ruthlessly crushing the boundaries of hip-hop in the most clever ways, this metal/rock/rap posse is on a mission to change the game. Fortifying their distinctive sound with heavy guitar riffs, syncopated percussion, and over-the-top double-timed lyrics, Static Headz is destined to wreak havoc in their blending of genres and set the industry on fire.

The prolific essence of these six rhythmic rebels is brought to life in an underground atmosphere that focuses on upbeat cadences and heavy-hitting melodies. The cavernous ambiance in their latest single, "Fake Face," comes from a realm that has you spiraling into the boisterous energy that rushes through your speakers.

With intoxicating electric guitar riffs that are layered to emphasize the textured dimensions present, we grasp onto the compelling melodies that are sprinkled through the harmonic elements in "Fake Face."

Being a striking representation of what Static Headz has to offer, it's only fitting that this track implodes upon impact as it lands third on the tracklist of their self-titled album. Unveiling the depths that miraculously bring light to the heavy and dark nature of their grooves, it's easy to feel yourself sway into this rarity from Nashville.

Proving that it's only a matter of time until they reach a broader fan base, the eclectic talents of Static Headz is bolstered into these immense cocktails of rock forward metal. Adding a dash of hip-hop into the equation, and you have an exclusive sound that reaches into your core and transplants you into the intensified shadows of Static Headz.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, StaticHeadz. The energy you convey in your song, "Fake Face," has us feeling the intricacy that's shed in the composition. What inspired you to make this song the lead single from the project?

Out of all the tracks on the album, this song sticks out the most to us as a single and did so from the first time we first got the mix back. It has a great blend of all of our individual styles and influences, and we like to think we made an innovative and cohesive track. It's got hip-hop-inspired verses, with a big, catchy hook for you to sing along to in the chorus. We wanted it to be the first track we released because it's very aggressive and in your face, so it only made sense for us to release this song first so we could be putting that message out there.

In terms of creating an album versus a single record, what differences, if any, do you notice in the creative process?

Our creative process is USUALLY the same for each time we write music. Either Kevin or Cody will bring the skeleton of a song to the table, and then the rest of the band throws their two cents in. We almost always write the music first and then write lyrics once the structure is laid down. There are some exceptions, but typically our process is pretty consistent.

What moment or story influenced the storyline that we hear in "Fake Face"?

The song is essentially about dealing with anxiety and how it can consume your identity and give you a 'Fake Face."

How does this narrative speak into Static Headz as a band?

We like to think we talk about more serious topics such as anxiety, depression, and death in hopes to relate to our listeners on a much deeper level. Not to say that our music is necessarily sad to listen to, because we talk about overcoming life's hurdles and becoming a better person through those experiences.

With there being six of you contributing to the ultimate vision propelled through your music, how do each of you uplift the integrity of Static Headz while all remaining solo talents?

It's important in a band to maintain your role on a consistent basis, and for everyone to be contributing equally in order for the chemistry to work. This is why it's rare for bands to go the distance because it is quite difficult to keep everyone on the same page. We all try to contribute equally to band duties such as finances, songwriting, or posting on social media.


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