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Faith And Continued Growth Constantly Propel Sharalee Forward

SharaLee got her first experience with soulful ballads at church, first gracing the stage of her local parish at the age of five, paired with her mom singing harmony.

Influenced by Christian Contemporary, the '70s, and '80s Adult Contemporary and Country Western,

SharaLee's love of passionate, reflective music fueled her recording endeavours. In 2005 SharaLee travelled to Nashville to record her first demo of original songs from local Nashville songwriters. Each recording experience has led SharaLee to explore other genres and sounds, refusing to be defined by one specific category of music.

SharaLee's lifelong experience in R&B and gospel was an arena of sound SharaLee had been longing to revisit and get back to her church roots. In 2015 she teamed up with songwriter/producer Mark Zubek and co-wrote the single "Together Again." The single fused musical profiles of where SharaLee had been and where she was headed.

The single won an Akademia Award for Best R&B/Soul and started a new musical journey for SharaLee. Through constant collaboration and continued artistic growth SharaLee's songs have been featured on Amazon Prime Music, E! and TV networks such as A&E and the Discovery Channel. We cannot wait to hear more from SharaLee and where her musical journey takes us next.

Discover “Rescue Me’ by SharaLee here.


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