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Fake Shark Is Shaping the Boundaries for This Summer's Hits With Their Single, "Superstitious Thing"

Kevin "Kevvy Mental" Maher has a thing for infusing his music with a uniquely hip attitude. There's a deep, psychedelic, power-pop propensity in his music—("Bad Chemistry," "Smile,") that resonates on the exterior in new, energetically funky outbursts. It is especially true of his dynamic indie-pop productions under the alias "Fake Shark-Real Zombie," now just "Fake Shark."

"Superstitious Thing," the newest track from their most recent campaign of dance-inducing singles, is filled with electrifying pre-choruses that kindle the fiery choruses that soak with a gorgeous, sonically pleasing aesthetic. The single starts off sounding moderately reserved: just a sexy bass riff and a tastefully saturated vocal that casts a deep, elusive vibe as the introduction unfolds. But, contradictory apparitions are flickering in the edges of this canvas. As the introduction looks to immerse us further into a tantalizing haze, a vocal harmony drapes over us like a canopy. At the same time, a vibey electric guitar takes the parking brake off this experience. The beat drops, and the punchy kick from a moment ago feels like it just leveled up, launching us headfirst into an addictively spicey power-pop endeavor. The mood is vibrant with activity yet still remains spacious, as though you're dancing at the limits of your own peripheral vision under the dance floor's hazy shimmers. Crisp percussive elements, not shy of distorted triangles and claps, can be found in the pre-chorus as we're greeted by sections featuring a seductive and subtle flute paired with a palatable electric guitar that drips with sexy articulation. Kevvy's vocals could not have found a better fit in this amalgamation of a clean-cut groove. He sings between a held back baritone and an anthemic sounding tenor amongst the evolving sections, yet the contrast is synergetic in the mix. What proceeds is a kind of extended jubilant state, a directing groovy cantor set to drums that drive like the funkiest set of wheels on the block. And as the song makes its final rounds, it evaporates back into the atmosphere, just as quickly as it arrived. It's an unhinging and seductive gift from Fake Shark: a dominantly funky electric vibe, all wrapped up in a bubbly fizz that never gets stale.

Be sure to listen to "Superstitious Thing" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Fake Shark! We're totally enamored by the vibes you are creating. How would you describe the process you follow when a new song idea is born? Does it start in your DAW or somewhere else for you guys?

What a charmer, you are! Thank you and likewise. I (Kevvy) will usually make a skeleton of a song in Logic and bring it to the other guys and they’ll add their ideas into it. We kinda do this idea insanity day on it where I hire our favorite engineer Pedro to work with us so I can focus on producing and singing, then Louis and I will go through and take stuff out, or add a few things more. Our drummer Alex, will replay the drums that I had programmed and make it sound cooler, and add in drum hooks, Tony yells on it, Jake gets synthy. It’s a real barn burner. Most of the time it’s like that, but occasionally we’ll do a co-write with a producer I’m a fan of (steve bays or Ryan Worsley), and it’ll be a variation on our process but with them in the mix, too.

What usually feeds your artistic expression throughout your day? Is there something you all do together as a band to manufacture creative expression other than band practice?

We get inspired on our own and come together for what we call “pre-pro hangs” where we listen to records, show each other music and dissect song structure. But we’re drinking while we do it, so remembering what we talked about is the biggest challenge.

When you think about the artists who have inspired your style with their music, who do you acknowledge to be the most meaningful to you all earliest in life?

For me it’s Prince because my first piece of music was a Prince single my mom got me. I loved Batman and she saw a used record with the batman logo on it and got it for me and we listened to Batdance all the time. So if you do or do not like my music, the source of it is Batdance, and I think that makes a lot of sense.

Thank you for catching up with us here at BuzzMusic! We've enjoyed interpreting your newest single and can't wait to hear more from you! Is there anything we should keep an eye out for this year with regards to some new releases from Fake Shark?

Thank you for taking the time and for checking us out! Yes, we have an album with this song and a batch more coming out in a few months, so put on your bat cowl and we’ll see you in the cave, Alfred!

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