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Fall In Love With Jasper & Jade With Heart Warming New Track “Marry Me”

Jasper & Jade is a group out of the central coast of California. The soothing sounds of Madeline Flood's vocals accompanied by the energetic progressions of Ernest Pierce' intricate song writing was first showcased at The Wine Seller in Morro Bay. After many open mic nights and writing sessions, they've teamed up with the talents of Sam Flood, Joe Baltazar, John Nowel and Joel Krause to form Jasper & Jade.

Together they are bringing this journey to life sharing their feel good grooves, memorable melodies and soul-provoking lyrics throughout California's beautiful central coast. Rooted from a small surf community inspired tone, and a farm to table structure of composition, they've developed a distinct heart warming sound that has come to move music lovers from the wine country and beyond.

Jasper & Jade have an organic indie sound to their music and “Marry Me” is fairly spacious in some respects, but it builds up in warmth and detail as it moves along. There are dashes of pop mixed in to add further color to the outer edges of the hook, but aside from this you can feel the raw energy and realness of the entire recording, and that’s always a pleasure to experience. “Marry Me” is a beautiful song, spectacular and conceptual with heartfelt, kind intentions. The chorus of vocals alongside the opening acoustic aura makes for something that feels light and very pretty. As “Marry Me” builds, the scene is set before you, the layers of story-line and instrumentation are added one by one, and slowly but surely the whole thing just surrounds and embraces the listener in a classically enjoyable way. An easy song to love and one that’s headed to the top. We can’t wait to hear more from Jasper & Jade!

Check out “Marry Me” here and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with this mesmerizing collective.

In your own words, what does the project “The Fool’s Truth” represent?

The Fool’s Truth is our way of giving a decade’s generation of listeners who have been previously subjected to music that ‘the industry’ wants you to hear, rather than giving them something that musicians should always strive for -- breaking away from the conventional.  The music is organic and genuine to who we are. The album strives for everyone to feel something sacred that only belongs to them. We want our lyrics to hold depth, allowing the audience to relate to each individual’s experience in a different way. Our music is meant to be an outlet for those looking for that one thing that speaks to them.  The Fool’s Truth put simply, is for everyone.  The album is a representation of individual expression.

How long have you been writing songs and making music together, and how does this project differ from what you’ve done before?

In the beginning, Jasper & Jade was first formed as a family band in 2017 with cousins, lead singer Madeline and songwriter and rhythm guitar, Ernest which led to our first studio EP, The Artist -- released in 2018. Eventually, Madeline’s brother Sam was added to the band as lead guitarist, along with Joe on the drums and Joel on bass. The music off of our latest album, The Fool’s Truth is comprised of all original lyrics and chord progressions. Additionally, we wanted to create a more authentic sound, so The Fool's Truth was recorded out of the studio and tracked completely live with drums, guitar, bass, and vocals which came together very naturally.

What inspired you to write “Marry Me”?

Often times, our lyrics aren’t inspired by one thing, or any event. The song "Marry Me" started out with Ernest plucking around with chord progressions and then the lyrics just started to come out. That’s really how most of our music is written. You get going on a melody and then you have an “ah hah” moment where you know it just works.

What comes first when writing together, lyrics or melody?

As mentioned before, the writing process usually begins with a melody. Ernest will write the initial lyrics and chord progressions on the acoustic guitar and piano and bring it to the band. Sometimes a song will come together within one session, and other times, it may take days or even weeks to fully develop.

How does the songwriting and recording process compare to live performance for you?

Songwriting is an awesome experience for the band. We all get to come together each week and be creative and make cool shit that we truly stand behind. When you’re practicing together or messing around in the recording studio is when the magic happens. Performing live allows us to share our music with others in an exciting environment. We get to witness first-hand how our  music makes people feel. Instrumentally, we also incorporate quite a lot of improvisation based on the crowd's reaction, which often inspires us in the moment.


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