Fall In Love With Tatum Rush's New Single Bahiana Feat. Nancy Deleuze

It's Pop, it's Contemporary R&B, it's Nu-Disco, some say it's (a reasonable version of R Kelly meets Osho-in-the-Doha-desert. It’s the sound produced, written, and performed by upcoming international star Tatum Rush. Tatum released his newest single titled “Bahiana” alongside a music video!

The song has this mainstream, fun, charismatic pop tune with Tatum’s impressive, solid vocals driving it forward. If you watch the video, you can see there’s an underlying meaning behind the surface single. I like the bold technique Tatum used when depicting the song in a visual because it captivated my attention and had me intrigued by not only the song but the video as well, leaving room for me to attempt to decipher “the code” of the song’s message! It’s the perfect strategical hit that we can not only dance too, but enjoy on a more personal level rather than listening to an average pop song from an average artist. Tatum rush proved to be the next musical prodigy that hails from many different residencies including Paris, Berlin, and Milan.

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