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Fall Into A Trance With IVAN’s Sophomore Single, “Just Like That”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter and multi-genre recording artist IVAN blesses the ears with his sensual and sweet sophomore single, "Just Like That."

The Canadian singer-songwriter began his musical journey with piano and guitar, leading him to shift his focus onto telling his own stories. After quickly realizing that songwriting is a way to relay his thoughts through song, IVAN's music career quickly flourished with sounds that are both intriguing and familiar.

After strictly writing and composing, IVAN came out the gates swinging with his debut single, "Eyes For Her." Back and better than ever, IVAN is showing no signs of slowing down with the release of his sophomore single, "Just Like That." It's a smooth-sailing and ear-pleasing pop/r&b alternative tune that dances through the speakers with all the love, lust, and affection you could imagine.

Immersing ourselves in "Just Like That," the experience begins with soft guitar picking alongside IVAN's deep, whispery vocals that bring a sense of passion and lust to the song's atmosphere. His lyrics deliver the same themes, depicting all sorts of sensual scenes with lyrics about going crazy when his partner does it "Just Like That."

There is no better song to add to your spicy playlist. In the words of IVAN, it gives you that "mmm, kind of feel." The smooth pop/r&b production merged with the organic electric guitar picking, and fluttery keyboard melodies bless us with all the good vibes and then some. From IVAN's stunning vocal harmonies to his gripping lyrics, this song is quite an engaging listening experience.

When you're ready to float onto cloud nine with a dash of sensuality, dive into the spicy sonic world of IVAN's new single, "Just Like That," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, IVAN. We're head over heels for the sensual and passionate vibe of your sophomore single, "Just Like That." What led you to create such a playful and intimate song like this?

Although definitely both sensual and passionate, the song was written with the intention of expressing true love for that special someone that is not only deep but complex in nature. The song may allude to a few things, but the underlying message is loving someone for all they are and do, “Just Like That.”

How would you describe the sound of "Just Like That" in terms of genres? Did any sounds or artists influence this song?

My sound overall can be a little tricky to categorize as it pulls from a variety of influences, as my taste in music can be all over the place. Now particularly regarding “Just Like That”, I feel as though it can be classified as Pop with elements of RnB and a hint of Singer-Songwriter. While writing, I can’t say that any one artist influenced this song, but I definitely wanted to encapsulate a contemporary sound that was both melodic and rhythmic.

What was your songwriting process like for "Just Like That?" What sort of scenes and visuals did you want to paint for the listener?

The writing process started out as it normally would, with either a guitar or piano at hand and a pen and paper nearby. I wrote the bones for this particular song with guitar and then was able to go on and develop the sound and direction I wanted. As the song came to life, I

reached out to some good friends of mine to help take the song to the next level. Nevon Sinclair (@workingwithnevon) lent his outstanding voice to help with harmonies and background vocals. And Jacob Smith (@mybestfriendjacob_) provided his skillful production to bring the rhythm and percussion to a place where you really felt it.

Chris Forte (@chrispyriffs) played his guitar exceptionally, as he always does. Finally, Ben Zweig (@benzweigmusic) helped piece it all together to deliver a great-sounding mix/master. The visual I wanted to paint, as brought up earlier, was of a love that is both sensual and passionate. And I knew immediately that I wanted that to be portrayed through dance. There is something both physical and emotional about dance, particularly between a couple, and that is exactly what the song addresses, the physical and emotional parts of a loving relationship.

How can listeners get to know you and your style better through your two released songs, "Eyes For Her" and "Just Like That?" How do these songs represent you?

Through my current music, I hope listeners can see that although I may touch on various genres, there is still that unique IVAN sound, and I believe it will be even more evident with the later releases. At the root of it all, I am a storyteller, and I want to provide my own perspectives on classic themes while making melody-driven songs that ultimately make you feel something.

What's next for you?

What’s next for me is more music! There are a few songs lined up, with a few being recorded as we speak. As mentioned, I also just released a visualizer for “Just Like That”, which can be seen on my YouTube channel. I have some neat visuals to go along with future songs in the works as well. Finally, I’m looking forward to performing live shows soon. Any updates on music, shows, etc., will all be posted on my socials @soundslikeivan.


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