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Fall Into the Bliss of LÉA's Recent Single, "Feel the Same"

The Los Angeles-based r&b artist and singer-songwriter LÉA leaves us in a tender and sultry trance with her latest relatable and soulful single, "Feel the Same."

The timeless and sultry sounds of LÉA's music are a byproduct of listening to acts like Kehlani, Jhené Aiko, and Victoria Monét. Aiming to create music that leaves a long-lasting impact on the listener, LÉA decided to get the most of her career by earning her BA at Berklee College of Music.

Currently releasing her latest soulful single, "Feel the Same," LÉA sends listeners into a passionate and empowering state of mind through lyricism that expands on the tender love she appreciatively receives. Not to mention the soothing and delicate r&b production, the song truly stands out as a timeless and impactful r&b track.

Listening to the single, "Feel the Same," we're met with a gentle array of drums that tap on our speakers with the utmost pleasure and sensuality. Alongside a soothing keyboard arrangement, LÉA makes her vocal appearance and instantly brings us heavy Kehlani/Summer Walker vibes. Especially through her intimate and honest lyricism, it's clear that LÉA's music will make that long-lasting impact she strives for.

Not to mention her descriptive and profound lyrical abilities, LÉA brings us into the heat and passion of sensual moments that get us craving genuine and mutual intimacy. With help from brilliant vocal chops and the song's tender production, LÉA grooves her way to the outro without a dull moment in sight.

Get your dose of passion with help from LÉA's latest single, "Feel the Same," now available to add to your spicy playlists on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic LÉA. We'd like to start by thanking you for creating such a soulful and intimate single like "Feel the Same." When did you begin feeling inspired or pushed to create this passionate single?

“Feel The Same” was inspired by a few things. One is dating someone new after a long-term relationship and how different that feels but also, being bisexual, it can be a little jarring when dating a man after being with a woman or vice versa. I really wanted to capture that feeling with this song!

Did you have any producers help craft the sonic ambiance for your single, "Feel the Same?" What was the entire creative process like behind the scenes?

Yes! This song was produced by a good friend of mine, Josh Choo. We started this song off with just good vibes in his bedroom studio. We were talking about what it’s like to date someone new and how different it feels, especially when there was some toxicity at play, and that’s how we got “Feel The Same”

What did you want your audience to take away from your passionate lyrics within "Feel the Same?" What sort of message or theme did you want to get across?

I want people to hear this song and have their little toxic moment, and then realize that it’s okay to try something new! When we get comfortable in our situations we stunt our potential for growth and that goes for all aspects of life. So go on that date, or talk to that new fling you got and let yourself grow!

What inspired the sultry and earthly vibe to your music video for "Feel the Same?" How does the music video do the single justice?

For the music video, my Director Tay Thai and I really wanted to capture the essence of what it feels like to date a man after being with a woman. Something that is personal to me but also so relatable for so many. I think that this video really helped paint the picture of what this song meant to me while also just giving overall good vibes. I had so much fun on set with the team behind the scenes and everyone did such a great job pulling this vision together.

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