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Fall Into the Grooves of, "Eazy Duz It"

Famoso & Lafleur are a rapper/producer duo from Anaheim, California made up of the emcee, Bob Famoso, and producer Niko Lafleur.

The childhood friends grew up listening to Hip-hop and eventually started making their own music for fun. The duo both started out rapping, with Niko eventually switching over to the production and Bob taking full reign on the mic.

Enlisting the ingenious skillset of singer-songwriter KLA, the collaborative EP ‘Micro Dose’ is fresh to streaming platforms as Famoso & Lafleur plot their album release later this year. Containing the melodic yet hard-hitting essence of this single, “Eazy Duz It” we’re graced with whimsical vocal layers of KLA submerging the speakers in bliss as the instrumentation portrays psychedelic elements in the advancing structure.

With the vocalization being sparse, the quality implodes upon impact every moment they touch down. As you sway to the electric synths and colossal percussion hits designed by Lafleur, you’re effortlessly taken into the evolution of the musical soundscapes as you transition into the variety cast out through the brilliant rendition of the same song.

Two-thirds of the way in, we have Famoso grace the track in a way that exudes his lyrical dexterity through cadenced statures. Incorporating the right amount of attitude, the unapologetic persona he embodies pairs dazzlingly with KLA’s harmonious timbres. The three creatives join forces in a way that evokes thought and emotion as we drift away into the starry-eyed composition that is “Eazy Duz It.” Taking the helms as we navigate to the blissful utopia punched into the musical GPS, Famoso & Lafleur and KLA convey exactly what’s needed in this time of uncertainty in the world; a breakaway.

We absolutely love the way how “Eazy Duz It,” progresses to showcase all of your talents! What was it like working with KLA in order to portray this vision? How did this collaboration come to be?

Niko: It actually just came about organically. Kayla is great to work with, her creativity and songwriting help bring another element to the project,

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process entailed when bringing ‘Micro Dose’ to life? How long did it take for this project to be created?

Niko: Kayla and I had started working on our project, and when this originally started we asked Kayla to do a verse and chorus to our song 'Pin Curl', and then she ended up doing backing vocals on 7th Grand as well, and eventually we decided to do a full collaborative ep, which ended up being MicroDose.

What are you hoping that your audience specifically takes away from “Eazy Duz It?"

Niko: 'Eazy Duz It' is really a groove session, it doesn't have any traditional song structure and is really a song that we're hoping the audience just vibes to. I had the beat with the original melody that you hear in the beginning, then I put in some transitions, and Kayla and I just sat in the studio and she freestyled her vocals and that is what you hear on the song. From there, Bob came in later in the week to drop his verse, and he was a 'one-take jake' with it. From beginning to end, the song just flowed and came about effortlessly.

What musical and non-musical influences do you allow to shape your sounds as artists? Can we expect this in full force on your forthcoming album?

Bob: Musically, over the years I have really been influenced by several artists, to name a few; most of the release from the Rhymesayers label, Dilated Peoples, Gang Starr, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Devin The Dude, and a lot of early Motown era stuff. Influences outside of music for me would be drugs, coffee, Cohen brothers movies, pop culture, and experiences with my friends and family.

Niko: Musically, I'm on the same page with the Rhymesayers label, and other groups Bob mentioned as well. Outside of that, I am heavily influenced by DJ Quik, underground funk, and low rider oldies. The list goes on, I listen to a bunch of different stuff. As far as influences outside of music, I would say mainly; my personal experiences & relationships that my beats serve as soundtracks too, craft beer, good whiskey, fashion, 90's pop culture, & space.

What's next for Famoso & Lafleur?

Bob: Glory Daze!!!

Niko: Glory Daze!!!


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