Fancy J London’s Track “Tell Me” Will Get You Up And Dancing

Boston native, Fancy J London is no stranger to success with her well-rounded vocals and her ability to effortlessly fuse pop, hip-hop and R&B. Fancy J London’s start really began after he release of her second album “Whit3” in July 2017. Her single’s gained popularity on Youtube, some amounting to over 101K views! Unstoppable and on the rise, Fancy J London is dropping release after release. This passionate artist is full of more material and keeps the listeners coming back for more.

“Tell Me” is an upbeat hip-hop/R&B/dance track by Fancy J London. It’s part of her 25 track fourth album titled “Throne”. Addicting and alluring vocals from Fancy J London make a strong intro into “Tell Me”. A Hip-hop backbeat fused with her R&B styled vocals and upbeat dance melody should have this track at the top of the charts. Cohesive to her well known positive aesthetic, “Tell Me” is a track about exposing a liar and spreading truth. Fancy J London won’t take anything but the truth. Writing songs with meaningful messages while still keeping them catchy and positive is a hard skill to obtain but Fancy J London has earned it. Her spectacular and impressive discography, notable success and undeniable talent are what she’s known for. She’s never disappointed and we can’t wait to keep up with what she delivers next. “Tell Me” is available on Fancy J London’s album “Throne” on select platforms now!

Check out her single “Tell Me” and her full album "Throne" here and read more below in our interview with Fancy J London.

Hi! Can you start by introducing yourself?

Fancy J London from Boston, Massachusetts currently on tour in Mexico.

How did you come up with your stage name?

It was a nickname in grade school that stuck with me because I never wore sweats, jeans, or casual clothing.

How did you get started in the music industry?

I was approached by an independent manager who thought I had talent and wanted me to take a shot I reluctantly agreed.

Who are your top three musical influences? Why?

Alicia Keys, Sam Smith, Aretha Franklin they have feeling and originality in their music and in their presentation.

What’s your all time favorite song you've written so far? Why?

All Alone which is on my Throne Album. It hits me close to my soul and it is deeply personal.


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