Farryl Roth Releases His New Song Off New Album "The Reason"

Farryl Roth, a singer songwriter based in Johannesburg and has recently released his single “The Reason” off his debut EP, “The Reason” released in December. "The Reason" is perfectly digestible for any season, even during the festive Christmas holiday. “The Reason” is a delightful tune fused with Farryl’s wide ranged voice and the charismatic instrumental. The message I recieved behind “The Reason” is that no matter what, everything changes and happens for a reason and we can’t stress 24/7 over any life instance that occurs because every downfall we may encounter isn’t permanent. Farryl Roth is basically saying this is how life is, we have momentum at times that’s either sad or happy however it’s interchangeable always! If that’s indeed the message behind “The Reason”, then Farryl Roth created a record most people who deal with everyday stress can relax too and also enjoy the passion he delivers in his vocals. I really enjoyed listening to Farryl’s Roth voice as well. It had that perfect amount of rasp and grit where you can tell he can deliver a dope rock song yet he also knows how to become delicate with his delivery, perfect for any subtle song he wanted to release. An artist with many dynamics, Farryl Roth will be creating all the right waves needed to propel him forwardly to the top!

Listen to Farryl Roth's new Album "The Reason" and be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Farryl below!

Hi Farryl, care to tell our readers about yourself?

Hi. I am a singer-songwriter and producer that has been involved in all areas of the music business - I’ve made music for TV shows, adverts and I’ve produced songs for other artists and for my previous band "B-traq". I am now focusing on my solo project and have just produced and released my first EP ‘The Reason’. I also do stand up comedy and I have a Facebook video show called ‘The Morning Minute’ 

How is it living in Johannesburg? Is that your birthplace?

Yes, I was born in Johannesburg and I’ve lived in other cities but I’m now back in that crazy city Johqnnesburg . It’s a cool place to live but it’s quite dangerous in terms of crime however, I have great community there that I am part of. It’s a very vibrant place but lacks a lot of live music venues. But I pull together my own shows which are a mix of music and comedy. 

When did you discover your love for music?

I started playing guitar when I was 15 years old and really loved doing Beatles songs and then I discovered Prince and Metallica and also jazz. This pushed me to study music and my love has for it has only grown since then even though it can be a cruel mistress a times.

Do you have a specific songwriting approach? If so, mind sharing?

Initially I used to just pluck my guitar and write songs freely - whatever came into my head and I wasn’t too concerned with lyrics. But as I matured as a songwriter I really started thinking about what I wanted to say and the way in which I want to say it. So now I think it’s a mix between free spirited composing and formulated songwriting. 

How do you correctly draw your outside influences to fabricate hit songs like “The Reason”

I draw influence from a few places. I listen to a lot of music and try connect to what’s happening currently in the music world but I inevitably end up doing my own thing anyway . I also listen closely to the quiet voice within, to my own spirit and allow it to communicate through me. 

Any musical influences of yours? If so who and why?

My biggest influence when I started music was definitely Prince as loved his music and his ability to combine funk, pop with deeper messages and amazing sounds. Recently I take influence from the huge indie community of musicians that are putting out great and unique music on Soundcloud and other platforms. There is some really cool shit happening out there. 

Are you ready for the New Year? What can we expect from you in 2019?

I’m completely stoked for the new year. I have my next album in process and it’s beginning to sound amazing. I also am hitting the marketing side of things big time as nothing happened in this business without pushing it and I’m ready to do that. 

Connect with Farryl Roth on social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/farrylrothmusic/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/farrylroth/

Website: www.farrylrothmusic.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Btraq