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Fast River Turns Up The Heat In “Antisocial Tendencies”

Coming in hot from Connecticut is the genre-bending and thrilling duo Fast River with their latest heavy-hitting and conceptual single entitled "Antisocial Tendencies."

Fast River is your best bet when you're looking for a band whose music just hits differently. They're adamant about keeping listeners on their toes with incredibly dynamic tunes that range from indie rock and folk to shoegaze and hip-hop. Their sound is best described as a mystery smoothie, always delicious but keeping you guessing with each sip.

Fast River is ready to quake your speakers with fiery rock instrumentals and deftly-conceptual lyrics in their latest banger, "Antisocial Tendencies." It's an anthemic track that grabs your attention right off the bat with killer instrumentals and relatable lyrics we introverts can get down with.

Hitting play on "Antisocial Tendencies," this striking new tune blasts open with a fiery electric guitar and heavy, mid-tempo drums that bestow a feisty groove upon listeners. As the lead vocalist's raspy and chilling vocals creep through the speakers, he deep-dives into his "Antisocial Tendencies," like feeling worn down after searching for a solid connection when all he sees is his own reflection.

It's an incredibly conceptual and anthemic song that will get any listener on their feet. The song's overall groove and rhythm are contagious; Fast River gradually increases the emotion and grit to bless us with the final, thrilling hook that prompts us to sing along. Their fierce instrumentals and natural attitude aren't something to miss out on.

Do you have "Antisocial Tendencies?" Fast River wants you to know you're not alone. Get down and turn up the heat with Fast River's colossal new tune, "Antisocial Tendencies," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Fast River. We can't get enough of the hard-hitting instrumentals and relatable lyrics in your recent single, "Antisocial Tendencies." What inspired your duo to create an anthem for the antisocial?

To us, being 'antisocial' really means taking time for oneself. There are so many notifications, apps, emails, and requests for every human's time in 2022 that being able to hide away and recharge is not something people naturally do anymore. So the 'anthem' is about trying to remind ourselves that taking time away from the world to look more important than ever.

What was your duo's songwriting process like for "Antisocial Tendencies"? Was it easy for you to be so open and write lyrics that many others can relate to?

Originally, we had the opening guitar riff for the song & the chorus...the verses came a few weeks later over tacos & a few too many Nespresso. We are actively striving to be more open and vulnerable in our songs, so in terms of lyrics that other people relate to, we're really just trying to write things that WE connect to and feel...knowing that diving into that authenticity will resonate where it needs to!

Considering your duo is rather dynamic in terms of genres, why did you feel "Antisocial Tendencies" needed to be backed by killer rock instrumentals? Why did you feel this song needed to be a rock song?

Different than the stuff we've done prior, that's for sure. The riff was just so rock/bluesy that we instantly heard the song's arc. Normally, our internal clocks don't rock this hard, so we had to do a lot of stretching and light calisthenics to get us in shape to make this tune come alive.

Is "Antisocial Tendencies" the first single from your upcoming album, Chaos Rules? Could you drop any hints on what that project is about?

It IS INDEED, the first single from our upcoming album! This record, which will be our 3rd an absolute genre smoothie. Throw some rock 'n roll, some indie folk, some indie rock (which is different than rock 'n roll though we honestly couldn't tell you how), some lofi shenanigans...and you've got this record. It's gonna be an absolute blast. Early studies show that people who listen to the songs from this record WILL achieve higher credit scores by about 150 basis points which is also very exciting for us because who doesn't want a new Hyundai Sonata?

What can we anticipate to hear next from Fast River?

We release a new single on the 1st of every month, so you should mark that date in your calendar. It's also an important date to pay your rent and/or mortgage, so we like to integrate with our listeners' bill-paying habits by saying, "listen to our new single and pay your bills on the same day." We consider it a public service more than anything, so we hope you enjoy that.


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