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Father Christmas Takes Us On A Nebulous Journey On His New EP, 'Equalizer'

The Hamilton, Ontario-based musician pushes his artistic limits to fantastic effect on this new release.

Photo: Kerry Gallagher

Having started his musical journey young, Hamilton-based musician Father Christmas has long had a deep love and appreciation for music.

Combining pleasant, winding grooves that soothe the soul with psychedelic tones that stimulate the brain, Father Christmas has impressively cultivated a sound that straddles the line between whimsical and extraordinary. Not one to be complacent, Father Christmas’s restless pursuit of music’s unexplored boundaries ensures that every release stays fresh and appealing.

With his upcoming release, 'Equalizer,' Father Christmas looks to further cement his quickly ascending legacy; dare we say, he’s managed to do that with his latest release.

Focusing on a cohesive blend of improvisation, dynamics, and foresight, Father Christmas has found a way to balance catchy melodic hooks with dark, experimental instrumentation. Continuing his penchant for experimentation and evolution,

Father Christmas’ latest release, 'Equalizer,' is an EP that embodies his innovative desires. About the EP, he says, “This is by far the most experimental release under FC,” while he’s pushed his boundaries yet again, the result is more than worth it.

On your first listen to 'Equalizer,' the first thing that catches your attention is the ambiance. Father Christmas has done an excellent job of creating an immersive world you can get lost in, and by the time the EP winds to a close on “Odyssey,” it feels like you’ve awoken from a shimmering dream. He describes “Equalizer” as a “cohesive exploration of space, time and the complexities of relationships” armed with nebulous synths and vocals that feel mysterious and sometimes just out of reach; this statement rings true.

'Equalizer' feels like a living being in many ways, from the moment of the titular opening to the ending of “Odyssey,” and Father Christmas has outdone himself here. The highs of 'Equalizer' are giddy and exuberant, and he’s also managed to avoid having a single low point on the album.

Although 'Equalizer' roots are undoubtedly based on the psych-pop sound Father Christmas has made his name with, on tracks like “Infinite Time,” shoegaze influences are also apparent, perfectly melding with Father Christmas’s production to keep things fresh and extremely interesting. Coming in at roughly sixteen minutes, 'Equalizer' makes for easy listening, and the EP also feels like it has high replay value. It’s a beautiful, cohesive project, and he has put his best creative foot forward here.

Father Christmas' new EP, 'Equalizer,' is a blissful, enticing journey of soft psychedelic pop and shoegaze goodness. If you’re ready for fresh new music, tap in and stream Father Christmas’s 'Equalizer.'


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