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Fauna Pays Tribute to a Night's End with, "Didn't Wanna"

Manchester's alt-rock four-piece Fauna strikes again with the release of their exciting and relatable fourth studio single entitled "Didn't Wanna."

Comprised of brothers Adam and Danny Williams, Thomas Pine, and Charlie Howarth, Fauna started their venture playing cover gigs until establishing their own unique sound. Since then, their sound began spilling out of Manchester's grassroots mecca and Brunswick Mill, leading us to the release of their latest single, "Didn't Wanna."

Elaborating on "Didn't Wanna," Fauna had this to say, "'Didn't Wanna' was written over lockdown when we all wanted to go for a pint to find a fragment of joy in the situations we naturally recall as good times, but in reality, they never lived up to expectation. The single encapsulates being surrounded by people and wanting nothing more than to go home."

Listening to the single, "Didn't Wanna," the track opens with Adam and Danny Williams brightening the song's atmosphere with their beaming electric guitar melodies. Once lead vocalist Danny Williams begins serenading us with his smooth and melodic vocals, Fauna's entire instrumentation starts jamming away with nuances to 90s alt-rock.

Not to mention Thomas Pine's crisp percussion transitions accompanied by Charlie Harworth's thumping basslines, the band's overall instrumentation is incredibly tight and clean, letting us grasp and take in each thrilling transition and tempo change. As Danny Williams leads us towards the outro with lyrics that expand on the inner desire to flee the bar scene when his prior expectations weren't met, we can't help but nod our heads in agreement with his heavily relatable lyricism.

Find a piece of yourself in Fauna's recent single, "Didn't Wanna," now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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