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FAUSTOE Merges Past & Present Hip-Hop In New Album, '7Dayz 7Wayz'

Coming in hot from the San Fernando Valley 818, we're thrilled to introduce you to an act that will shake your speakers. Hip-hop rapper and all-around recording artist FAUSTOE recently dropped his most complex and intriguing work, the 14-track powerhouse album 7Dayz 7Wayz.

FAUSTOE's unique sound knows no bounds. He's made a name for himself over the past seven years, carving a distinct path in hip-hop, unlike the "photo-copied" and overdone sounds we often hear today. His aesthetic and flow are timeliness, and his perception of hip-hop surpasses what we often hear in the mainstream.

Diving into his 14-track record, 7Dayz 7 Wayz, we instantly see some familiar features reminiscent of the classic rock era. The album cover (designed by FAUSTOE himself) pays homage to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, where the '7' replaces the iconic prism. Secondly, the skilled guitarist A Bad Man serenades our speakers with an emotional guitar solo on "Great Gig in the Valley," reminiscent of Pink Floyd's "Great Gig in the Sky."

Lastly, FAUSTOE explains how 7Dayz 7 Wayz was meant to be played from tracks 1 through 14, seamlessly blending into each other, just like one of the greatest albums ever made. With only one feature on the album, FAUSTOE shows us what he's made off right from the get-go.

The album opens with heavy 808 bass drums and fast-paced, high-energy beats on tracks like "Any Style You Like" and "Bo$$ Co$T," not to mention the powerful yet haunting vibe on the album's third track, "Psylo 2 Da Dome." While the record's first half covers heavy beats and high energy, we transition into the second half at the punchy, piano-laden, FAUSTOE-produced interlude, "Impatience."

We instantly gravitated to the album's 7th track, "D.N.D.," the perfect tune for a late-night drive through the city. "Don't be calling when I'm smokin' unless you talkin' 'bout some money," FAUSTOE flows. And Amen to that! This track offers a more underground hip-hop side, infused with iconic boom-bap influences and an irresistible vibe.

On "PICTURES IN THE SKY WITH RHYMES," FAUSTOE teams up with fellow hip-hop recording artist and producer OZZZIE to sway us away into a euphoric hip-hop getaway. OZZZIE's deep vocals and breezy flow feel like a sonic vacation, paired with the song's dreamy beat and smooth melodies. It's truly unlike anything in the mainstream today, and we're more than grateful for that.

The album's second half continues with the underground theme, infusing elements of boom bap, heavy lyrics, and tons of D.J. scratches from OZZZIE. Tracks like "Decalcify" and "7Gramz" take us way back to 90s hip-hop, while A Bad Man brings us to our knees with a hazy, chilling guitar solo on "Great Gig in the Valley," —a timeless piece.

We can't help but hear some heavy Joey Bada$$ influences, perhaps from "Third Eye Shit" or "Killuminati" on the album's all-encompassing 12th track, "E.Y.E. and Them." Closing the record with "Trials & Tribulations" and "Final," FAUSTOE showcases nothing but power, vitality, and an undying passion for the classic era of hip-hop that molded him into the artist he's always aspired to be.

With 14 killer tracks, one self-produced interlude, and a fiery feature, FAUSTOE's new album 7Dayz 7 Wayz is a treat for classic and mainstream hip-hop lovers. Find it on all digital streaming platforms, and see why FAUSTOE is a force to be reckoned with.

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Nov 03, 2023


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