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Feast Your Ears on Drew Louis' "PETTY" Single

Carrying Los Angeles' independent pop scene on his back, the singer-songwriter and producer Drew Louis releases his latest spiteful and sassy single entitled "PETTY."

Through his many musical experiences, Drew Louis is highly familiar with capturing an audience's attention and keeping them locked in wanting more. Also writing for other artists and groups like The Gospellers, Francis Karel, Mayu Wakisaka, and Joe Ryan III, Drew Louis is excited to draw more listeners into his dynamic and expansive sound.

Now releasing his bouncy pop single, "PETTY," Drew Louis soaks our speakers in immense power and energy, primarily through his rhythmic vocal portrayal and broad range. Not to mention the song's spicy sonics and lush atmosphere, Drew Louis makes it difficult to ignore such an intricate, vibrant, and dynamic song like this.

As we begin our adventure into "PETTY," the track energetically opens with an upbeat percussion arrangement, tight synth bursts, and Drew Louis' incredibly melodic and skilled vocal stylings. Within thirty seconds of this powerhouse track, we cannot help but notice similar vocal stylings and rhythmic delivery to a modern-day Justin Bieber, especially once we meet the song's catchy and unique hook.

Listening to Drew Louis' lyricism, he spits nothing but facts while explaining how much he can take of someone's unhealthy ways within their troubled relationship. We're wildly impressed with the song's dense and energetic sonic atmosphere, as Drew Louis serenades us alongside a wide array of organic/synthetic instrumentals without a dull moment in sight.

Get lost in the groove of Drew Louis' exhilarating and sassy single, "PETTY," now available on all streaming platforms. Catch the song's spicy music video on YouTube.

Hello Drew and welcome to BuzzMusic. We must note how fascinated we are with the dense sonic and lyrical atmosphere within your energetic single, "PETTY." What inspired you to create such a lively and spiteful single?

This record is the culmination of a lot of built-up frustration, [laughs]. It presents as a relationship-centric song, but it really is universal. We all get pushed to the edge with some people, and it can be impossible to be the bigger person.

Did you write your lyricism solo for the single, "PETTY?" Or were you accompanied by any fellow songwriters during this process?

I brought the beat and a few lyric/melody ideas to my co-writer, Jayelle Gerber, initially. After working on some ideas, we brought in Carlee Chappell and Francis Karel to finish it all up!

There's truly never a dull moment within the production and sonics of your single, "PETTY." Did you have any other artists or producers in mind when navigating the sonic atmosphere for this single?

I absolutely love the juxtaposition of angry lyrics with an infectiously danceable beat. It started with all of the percussive elements, filling every possible pocket so you can’t help but groove to it! Then the strings, some other synth layers, and a s***-ton of vocals, [laughs]. Although I love where pop music is now, I have a soft spot in my heart for the mid-2010’s minimalist pop. (Lorde, Selena Gomez, etc.)

Could you tell us more about the music video for "PETTY?" Does the video offer a visual story that goes hand-in-hand with the song's theme?

I absolutely loved making this video! When I brought the idea to Mario Visions, it didn’t take long to bring this record to life in a really cool way. It complements the song by having colorful scenes, as well as dark angry scenes. Also, who doesn’t like smashing glass?

What's next for you?

While I’m going to continue releasing singles, I’m excited to finally announce I am releasing an EP later this year! Creating a body of work is something I’m really loving, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.

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