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Feel a Sense of Relief With Blaine Mitchell's Moving Single, "Losing Myself"

Based in Fort Worth, the Folk Artist and Singer/Songwriter Blaine Mitchell brings listeners into his inner freedom journey with his latest single, "Losing Myself." While enduring manipulative tactics from his 'loved ones' through the form of physical, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse, Blaine Mitchell came out incredibly strong in the end. Reminding listeners of their inner power and their capability to pick themselves up and leave situations that do more harm than good, Blaine Mitchell is living proof that we all carry this same mental prowess.

Through his latest emotional single, "Losing Myself," we hear a reflective Blaine Mitchell spill his heart and soul out for listeners to find a safe and relatable space. While singing over down-tempo Folk instrumentals that offer an immense sense of passion through each melodic twist, Blaine Mitchell offers listeners a bounty of hope for their futures while encouraging them to do what's best.

"Losing Myself" opens with mellow acoustic guitar strumming and the hum of floating keys. Once Blaine Mitchell begins to pour his passionate and broad vocals over the track, there's truly no turning back as he captures our undivided attention in a matter of seconds. While accompanied by a warm female flair in the background, Blaine Mitchell continues to sing of the troubles he's endured within a relationship. At the drop of the chorus, we feel this anthemic sense of emotion pour over as the instrumentals seep through our speakers with soul and passion while Blaine Mitchell sinks deeper in his lyrical message of losing himself while loving someone. Ending the song with a heightened sense of emotion through the influential instrumental outro, we adore the texture and depth that Blaine Mitchell has provided with this single.

While allowing listeners to easily relate to his sound lyrical message within "Losing Myself," Blaine Mitchell emphasizes the importance of realizing what's beneficial in your life while steering away from the malicious monsters that roam our soil.

We're completely mesmerized by the entirety of your single, "Losing Myself." What do you want your audience to take away from this emotional piece?

Thank you so much. Truly, I am humbled by you and your team’s affirmation. Thank you for taking 5 minutes of your day to listen to my story. I truly hope they feel, the sound, and lyrics of “Losing Myself” provide listeners with an inspiring musical message and a great audio adventure for their hearts and ears. As the waves travel ear to heart on a musical journey of freedom for whatever that looks like for the listener. I hope they find it.

Seeing as you created your single "Losing Myself" in under fifteen minutes, why do you think your lyricism flowed with such ease? Was it easy to write about such heavy and relevant themes you've endured?

I think writing “Losing Myself” was a moment for me that I was truly honest with myself, and in that honesty, all the walls and barriers fell down in my mind, and I believe that laid the groundwork for artistic freedom to flow freely without any hindrances. That’s really what transformed Losing Myself into what it is. It was a moment in losing myself that I really found myself. Often as an artist, I can worry more about the sound or the science of how the writing pans out, but with “Losing Myself” there was none of that. It was freedom accompanied by the sound of soul-folk. It was just me and my cp 70 piano with just a completely honest moment. It was a bare-bones stripped-down moment where I stared my story and everything I had been through in the face and embraced it and then molded it like clay into something beautiful that could hold the pain in an honorable way. I know many others have weathered heavy things in life and I wanted this song to be relatable for whatever that is for them. I think we all have these defining moments and it’s what we do with them that matters most. We all have stared demons in the face at some point and that’s when we can let them win or we can choose to rise above!

The instrumentals within your single "Losing Myself" perfectly and powerfully compliment your compelling lyricism. How did you formulate your instrumentals to offer this natural sense of power, especially within the outro?

For me, the sound needed to wrap around the song like a warm vintage blanket. It needed to enhance the lyrics and the story without masking it behind “too much” sound. My good friend and producer Ethan Kaufmann heard my desire of learning about this vintage and he took that idea and ran with it. If you ask me I think He absolutely killed it! Actually, my vocal throughout the entire song is the scratch vocal. It was the first pass I sang through and that’s what we kept. Much like the writing process, I let all my emotion, tenderness, and power flow into that first track. We didn’t even do another take. It haunted us, and the story came to life musically, so we ran with it. That vocal became our baseline, and then we started adding in all the magical moments to enhance the tune. My buddy Dan Porter added some sweet ragtime piano that I wanted to almost provide an uplifting comic relief and I think he did it brilliantly. With such a heavy message I wanted the song to still breathe fresh air. The choir vocals were sung by me and my lover. Due to restrictions with Covid, we had to find creative ways to capture the sound we wanted so we actually recorded those tracks in our loft. And it worked perfectly! Everything else was produced in Hollywood and I really think “Losing Myself” is the perfect child sound of Hollywood and Fort Worth. Fort Worth certainly has its roots in the country but there is an awakening of folk/soul that I love and embrace completely and it makes me excited to see how far we can go!

As "Losing Myself" is your first single of the year, what pushed you to release music again after taking a year off?

It was just the time you know? With 2020 often bringing out the worst, I think it was time for something to combat all the bad and that’s what I wanted with “Losing Myself” I wanted a freedom anthem of its going to be ok. You’re going to be ok. We’re going to be ok.

What has been your biggest inspiration while creating music this year?

My biggest inspiration for creating music and art this year has been self-discovery and learning the difference between isolation and solitude. Solitude is a filling and out of that comes many beautiful and creative moments! I did miss people though I will say that!


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