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Feel Empowered With Kimberly Knighton’s New Vulnerable Single “Fade Away”

Kimberly Knighton is a singer/songwriter based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Influenced by legends like Carole King, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Sara Bareilles, Norah Jones and Adele, Kimberly has developed her own, authentic pop/soul sound. Kimberly Knighton has also spent time in Nashville and released 3 studio records since her debut in 2011. Her next EP entitled "Worth the Weight" will release in August 2019.

“Fade Away” is a heart-felt and soulful love ballad, the single comes equipped with Kimberly’s notable pop and contemporary soul fusion. Her angelic vocals weave the listener through a  retrospective look as her complicated love. The track “Fade Away” focuses on the struggles of losing yourself within a toxic relationship, regardless of what the heart feels. Although the subject matter is heavy, Kimberly Knighton keeps things light and groovy through her funky riffs, pummeling vocals, and catchy melodies. The rhythmic texture fuses brilliantly with her powerful, meaningful vocals. The empowering track is definitely being added to our playlists and we highly recommend you do the same! Don’t miss the brand new music video for “Fade Away”, out now. 

Check out “Fade Away” here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Kimberly Knighton. 

Hi Kimberly! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you get started as a singer/songwriter?

I’ve been coming up with little ditties on the piano since I was about 8, but I first started seriously writing when I was 14. It was shortly after the events of 9/11 when I was inspired to write a song called “Patriot” which I later recorded on my first record. I’d always dabbled in piano, playing by ear, but I eventually taught myself after a few failed attempts at lessons. I remember spending hours in my basement after school writing and recording my songs in GarageBand. I knew I’d found something I would never give up. I decided to pursue singing and songwriting in college, then I did the Nashville thing for a while, playing out and writing. 

How do you draw inspiration from your various musical influences?

My all-time favorite artists and songwriters definitely show up in my music. I love the classic style of songwriting like the Beatles, Carole King, and Billy Joel used to write. I try to bring out the essence of those types of songs: really simple ideas and melodies. I like using more jazz chords and most would say I have an old soul when it comes to my style. I feel like I mostly resonate with some of today’s singer/songwriters like Norah Jones and Sara Bareilles in this way. My voice is influenced by women like Whitney Houston and Celine Dion—the 90s powerhouses I grew up with. I love the fullness and power from Whitney and the dynamic, piercing sound of Celine. I also like to use the softer, breathier side of my voice and I would say that’s been strongly influenced by Norah Jones and Joy Williams.  

Tell us more about the lyrics in “Fade Away”! What emotions did you have to channel while creating this song?

“Fade Away” was actually inspired by a friend of mine. She talked to me about feeling like she was losing a part of herself to be with her partner and how difficult that was to reconcile as a strong and independent woman. This really resonated with me, so I knew it was a song I needed to write. I was trying to channel the emotions surrounding resilience and bravery to hopefully inspire others to do what it takes to meet their needs and leave if they need to leave.

What’s your favorite lyric in “Fade Away”? Why?

My favorite lyric is in the chorus where it says “If keeping you means losing me, that’s someone I could never be...” This woman would rather leave her toxic situation than not be able to recognize herself, which, I think, is a very brave thing to do. 

What can your fans expect from your much anticipated EP “Worth The Weight”, this August?

Worth the Weight is probably the most unique project I’ve ever done. It feels the most brave and exciting. It’s my strongest songwriting and my favorite production. I think because these songs are all coming from very recent and heartfelt experiences, I was able to really see myself in every song and put my all into it. The past couple years I’ve worked on discovering the tough and heavy parts of myself and these songs reflect how I’ve learned to deal with those. The record is about patience and love and fear and optimism and all of the things we feel in between. Really, it’s just about me figuring out how to finally function as an adult and manage my unruly brain, haha. I’ve called this project a “vulnerability hangover” and honestly, that feels like the most accurate description. I resonate the most with albums that are raw and honest, so that’s what I’m offering to my fans with this EP. 


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