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Feel Fearless With Anuahyahu's Track "Drip"

Hailing from Minneapolis is the intensifying Rap artist Anuahyahu. Anuahyahu has a clear and direct sense of energy. He's the kind of artist that knows what he wants in his sound, and darts toward it. Pursuing the music industry as an independent artist, Anuahyahu is taking the scene at full swing, showing off his natural elements in the best way possible with recent releases.

Anuahyahu debuted a new track titled "Drip." Anuahyahu does a great job with his flow, as he makes it so incredibly apparent that he has a natural sense of delivery. Although the track feels more underground, Anuahyahu highlights some areas of the song with a more fast-paced production.

"Drip" feels elusive and packed with confidence, which easily emulates itself onto you, and soon it can be quite easy to find yourself immersed into the poise of the track. Anuahyahu has a great sense of wordplay, something we found to be very prominent once we honed in on the tracks verses and the meaning it pulsed. All in all, "Drip" was the right kind of track to establish the right sort of late-night vibe, and Anuahyahu will have an eye kept on him for future new music.

How did the writing and recording process undergo "Drip"? Were there any moments within the creative process that you felt challenged artistically?

The thing that’s interesting about “Drip” is the fact that I used 3 different flows, but all came together as one cohesive piece. I was still experimenting with flows over double-time beats while being able to maintain lyrical integrity as I like to call it. Being that the times have changed, there's less boom-bap and more trap production type beats, it sort of forces you to adapt when beat shopping. But it also enables me to add a new style of flow to my bag. 

What kind of mood were you hoping to put onto your listeners with "Drip"? What kind of response are you looking to receive amongst your listeners with this particular track of yours?

I really just wanted to create a fun track people could get fly, stunt, and dance too. Something that boosts your mood. I also wanted to maintain being lyrical over a trap Beat. 

I would hope people receive it the same way people receive a future or drake track, You know? the sum you turn up too.

Were there any elements to "Drip" that you feel contrasted from other tracks you've released so far?

In the past, I’ve been more lyrical and conscious, but with “Drip” it’s more of a modern sound, with my twist on it.

Let's talk more about the music scene in Minneapolis! How do you feel the inspiration you extract from your community aids in your current artistry? 

I feel very plugs into the culture in Minneapolis, not to mention I come from the roughest side and I’m authentic, I’m mean I’m actually born and raised here. Went to some of the same schools as Prince, and even seen him in person out and about at Seven Sushi Lounge. There are plenty of dope rappers here, but don’t get the shine they deserve. Your dealing with racial bias, and for the most part major local platforms that don’t wanna promote the black artist. Some of the same things Prince dealt with coming up are the same things that still happen today. For example, you might not be able to book certain venues, etc...   I’m a breath of North Minneapolis, and as much as you hear my spiritual influence, you also hear about, drugs, stick, blicks, ARs, and Ks because that’s the environment. Especially after the riots, and the death of George Floyd, North Minneapolis became a war zone. Allot of business got burned down not to mention the police station over the south in relation to that racist cop.   And once word of the Klan was coming up to try and cause more problems brothers took a stand. The same cats that usually were deemed criminal were the same ones protecting the hood, and black business. I applaud, and I’m proud of my brothers, and sisters standing during that time. Because with the police standing down. Shit got real, quick. It was all types of Artillery out there but more importantly, the hood banded together to defend our Neighborhood while police straight up told residents they weren’t coming. 

What are you doing to stay inspired while creating music throughout these tough times?

I'm always checking out music from different regions, and sometimes even countries as long as it connects and I can understand it lol.  Minneapolis of course, and my experiences I’ve had living here. Also seeing other independent artists do they thing motivates me as well to keep pushing forward.



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