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Feel Instant Chills From Jarry Lee's Unique Cover, "Hallelujah in 3-Part Harmony"

The New York-based Model, Actor, and Musician Jarry Lee releases a captivating rendition of "Hallelujah" with added harmony for her angelic single, "Hallelujah in 3-Part Harmony."

The verified artist has seen immense success through the entertainment industry, from modeling gigs to commercials and Netflix appearances. With eight years of classical training in piano and violin under her belt, it's without a doubt that listeners will be feeling a sense of warmth and heart from her musical releases. 

With her latest release, "Hallelujah in 3-Part Harmony," we hear a captivating rendition of the classic song yet, a shorter and sweeter version.

Through Jarry Lee's angelic vocals and skilled piano performance, listeners are bound to get lost within the cover's modern elements while basking in the classic emotion the song delivers. 

"Hallelujah in 3-Part Harmony" peacefully opens with the song's classic melodies that we could play on repeat. Through her dynamic piano playing, the instrumentals offer this powerful sensation that emphasizes the song's raw passion while Jarry Lee moves from forte to mezzo-piano. While Lee begins singing, this overall feeling of clarity and peace overcomes the song within seconds. 

What stands to be incredibly unique are Jarry Lee's airy vocals, full of breath and passion. As she continues to deliver the song's famous lyricism with her unique vocal tone and approach, we're instantly put in a trance through her brilliant vocal layering and harmony. 

Jarry Lee has added immense space and peace to the classic song with her angelic rendition of "Hallelujah in 3-Part Harmony," and we're highly impressed with the delicate atmosphere she's placed within such a short amount of time. 

We're truly mesmerized by your angelic rendition of "Hallelujah" with your single, "Hallelujah in 3-Part Harmony." What pushed you to create your own version of the classic piece? 

"Hallelujah" is one of my favorite songs — it's timeless and hauntingly beautiful. I wanted to add a more ethereal tone to the original melody by creating a multi-harmony vocal arrangement. Speaking on your brilliant harmonies and vocal layering within "Hallelujah in 3-Part Harmony," how did you capture the song's original peace during your recording process?

I tried to keep the focus on the original melody by letting the harmonized sections float in and out more quietly — only one voice is consistent and strong throughout, which helped center the song. Seeing as "Hallelujah in 3-Part Harmony" is only a minute long (a sweet minute at that), would you ever think of creating an extended version for listeners to get lost in?

I might in the future, but only after I finish working on an album of original music since that's my priority at the moment! How does "Hallelujah in 3-Part Harmony" reflect the music you create and your artistic brand?

I love exploring harmony because I'm a bit of a music theory nerd, and I'm sure I'll continue incorporating 3-part and 4-part harmonies. The music I'm most interested in creating in the future is more upbeat, with indie rock and alternative influences.  What can fans anticipate next from you?

I’m working on writing and recording new music for release later this year, and a couple of art projects as well (acrylic painting and experimental film). I’m also working on designing products for an apparel brand and jewelry brand I plan on launching in 2021 or 2022 with my partner. The jewelry brand is called PSYCHO KITSCH, and aims to celebrate unconventional creativity.


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