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Feel Relaxed With Ollie’s “Move With You"

Ollie Sloan is a self-taught artist based in Brighton. Ollie isn’t new to the music scene, and he definitely isn’t inexperienced either. Quite the opposite—Ollie has already had music featured in hit series on BBC1, as well as Radio One. Ollie really invented himself and his music with grace—the sound he produces throughout his music with consistency is effortless flow and dynamic vocals. His voice is so pure, it melts my heart listening to his music. Ollie brings back a familiar sound of the techno R&B scene from early 2000’s, with his own transforming twist that completes todays era. We’re loving his sound, his execution of sound, and overall ability as an artist. OllieSloan’s latest song “Move With You” is the perfect representation of what he is capable of as an artist. 

Ollie’s voice is incredibly soothing and tranquil. It glided across my senses in the most delicate way. What can I say, he really knows how to produce a sound that is intricate, yet complex. Ollie Sloan sounds like such an experienced singer/songwriter in his single “Move With You”, you can easily tell his music is his own craft, influenced by techno R&B scene. Instantly you guys will be captivated by his aura and vocalism—it was what caught my attention right away. It makes me feel relaxed in a way I haven’t felt in a while. I’m a sucker for songs that can really make you feel calm, it takes a lot on the lyrical and production end to make the happen successfully. Ollie Sloan reaches his full potential in “Move With You”, and ultimately makes us feel at peace. BuzzMusic listeners, you definitely won’t want to miss out on Ollie Sloan and everything he has to offer as a self-taught musician and artist. 

Listen with us to Ollie Sloan here, and continue reading for Ollie Sloans exclusive interview with BuzzMusic!

Hey Ollie! Tell our readers a few things about you to get started!

Well i’m currently in Brighton in the UK. I say currently because I’ve lived in multiple countries, moved a hell of a lot but it’s always nice and exciting going somewhere a little different! Music wise, I’m a self taught musician on guitar and piano, played drums for a couple years too to mix it up a little. Had my first success on BBC's Holby City and consequently Radio One when I was younger and since then have written and recorded for the London Olympics 2012, The Voice Australia and I regularly write for other artist and musicians alongside my own material.

What inspirations did you draw from to curate “Move With You”

2018 was a pretty crappy year for me. I wrote a lot of emotional stuff and was stuck in that mindset for a little while. I think ‘Move With You’ is the first song I wrote in 2019 that broke away from that way of thinking. It’s about looking at something new and not rushing it. It’s so easy to throw yourself in the deep end. So yeah, take it slow, see how things go…(unintentional rhyme, but i’ll leave that there). 

How do you think your music is interpreted by your listeners?

I’d like to think that my voice is really at the center of most of my songs so hopefully that impact the listener, but in all honestly my style has changed over the last few years and I’m still working it out! I know that sounds crazy but I just like writing and performing so many different styles, rhythms and emotions that it can change from time to time. At the moment though, i’m looking to incorporate more interesting melodies, more unpredictable structures and lyrics that make the listener think. 

Can you tell us about the challenges you’ve faced during your music career so far?

Haha…well it sure isn’t easy. I think what might be hardest is listening promise after promise that people break over and over again. I’ve had management and had a fling with a label or two but you almost have to forget about any hype, anything that’s going on around you because people can start distracting you from your own goal - which is to make music that you enjoy writing and performing. Stay focused, be consistent and don’t waste time.  On the other hand it’s important to say, find the amazing people in the music industry that have your back. I’ve met some incredible people who had supported me from the get go and I will always appreciate that. 

We’re so excited to hear what you release next! Can you give us any hints on when new music will be released in the upcoming months?

Well I’m in the mindset to try and release a new track every month at the moment so next will be towards the end of July! But keep your eyes peeled for my Instagram posts as there’s a few exciting things i’m working on!


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