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Feel Seen with Kayla Silverman's Relatable Single, "Breaking and Entering"

The Boston-based alt-pop artist and singer-songwriter Kayla Silverman release an ode to the late-night wanderer with her latest lively single, "Breaking and Entering."

With influences like Mitski, Bruno Major, and Franz Schubert, Kayla Silverman is well-known for her blend of dynamic electronic sonics merged with alt-pop and classical undertones. Her music is often described as the by-product of a studio session with Mozart and Billie Eilish.

Through her latest single, "Breaking and Entering," Kayla Silverman brings listeners into a highly relatable and introspective lyrical concept. While dousing the sonics in brilliant electronic tones of alt-pop, Kayla Silverman allows any listener to dance the night away while reflecting on the song's heavy meaning.

Jumping into the single, "Breaking and Entering," we're met with ghostly vocals that melt through our speakers like fog on a cloudy spring morning. As Kayla Silverman makes her vocal appearance through a unique vocal arrangement, her layered vocals continue to pierce our speakers with her electronic filters and melodic tones. Expanding on Silverman's lyricism, she delves into the concept of being up in the late-night and exchanging conversations with none other than the demons in her mind.

About halfway through the song, the sonics begin to develop with a haunting bassline, crisp drum breaks, and soothing synth arrangements. As Kayla Silverman makes her way to the outro with an immense sense of empowerment and faith, she ends the song on a relatable note while inviting any listener to let go of their woes for four minutes and twenty-four seconds.

Find peace of mind with Kayla Silverman's latest single, "Breaking and Entering," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kayla Silverman. We truly appreciate the relatable them you've placed into your recent single, "Breaking and Entering." What inspired you to write a song about your late-night conversations with inner thoughts and demons?

Thank you so much for having me! I’m so happy to be here sharing my story with you and your audience. I co-wrote this song with my dear friend Evan Cieplik. The way that we like to song write is inspired by our deep conversations that last for hours. By the end of our talks, we have a song that is a receipt of the conversation. This time, Evan and I were talking about dreams we had, and he mentioned that he walked into someone else’s house thinking it was his. This inspired the concept of “breaking and entering into” something that is not ours. We changed the focus from the external to the internal. When we are not together, we like to send voice memos to each other when we have ideas. Most of our ideas come from late nights where there's nobody to talk to but our phones, so we record ourselves talking about our ideas and go to sleep. Because we find ourselves in that very position so often, we decided to write a song about it.

Did you face any personal challenges when writing lyrics for "Breaking and Entering?" Or was this process somewhat therapeutic?

The process was very therapeutic for me. Lyrically, this is one of the most intimate songs that I have written. This co-writing process was really nice to express the feeling of relating to someone else about things that you thought you were alone in experiencing. I usually write hypotheticals and makeup stories in my head instead of relating them to real life, but this song was very real to me and used my own raw emotions and experiences.

Why did you choose to capture such an upbeat and energetic tone for the sonics within "Breaking and Entering"? Rather than a sound that's more reflective and somber?

Actually, that was not the original intention while writing the song. The song was originally supposed to be a gorgeous, heartbreaking love ballad to myself, mourning my own thoughts. In the studio, we changed it to be more upbeat. The location of this song takes place in the mind and the worlds we create with our 3 am thoughts are therefore limitless. Looking back on it, I really am happy with that choice because I am fascinated by juxtaposition in songs. Here, I made music that makes people want to dance while also wanting to cry.

Could you tell us more about the music you often create and the types of concepts or lyrical themes you bring forward? What inspires your lyricism?

I love this question. The kind of music that I want to make I would consider art-pop, although my producer sometimes considers it alt-pop/rock. I strive to make cinematic music that is over the top because the world can be a very insincere place and I want to transport people for just a second to a place where emotions steer reality. Lyrically, I am a hopeless romantic. I romanticize everything. A common theme in my lyrics is yearning, whether it’s yearning for someone they have, someone they’ve lost, or yearning to be somewhere else.

Do you have any other releases lined up for the summer season?

Yes! I will be releasing my next single “Mine” in the next few weeks and my EP “Golden Frequencies” in late August. I have been working on this EP for a year and a half and am so excited to share it with everyone. I will be dropping sweatshirts and tote bags soon, as well as a plethora of music videos and other content for everyone to watch and enjoy.


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