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Feel the Angst with Everything But The Everything and Vacances Latest Single "Jump"

Oakland's very own Izzy the Gent has been extremely busy as a multi-talented artist and producer on the scene.

Everything But The Everything is the production moniker that Izzy the Gent uses as he produces Punk Rock bangers soaked in Rock and Roll music. While Izzy the Gent handles all of the writing duties, the lead vocals are provided by a vocalist that he met in the Bay Area's music scene.

Everything But The Everything has teamed up with ex-bandmate and NYC transplant Vacances on the debut single, "Jump," from the artist's long-awaited forthcoming EP, 'Rock n Roll is a Feeling,' which is packed with energy in four tracks. This specific collaboration brings dark, dance-like elements that are reminiscent of old times.

"Jump" kicks off with a heavy groove-filled bass lick that immediately sets the deep and enticing tone for this entire record. The progressive instrumentation carries an up-tempo ambiance that has you swaying your head from side to side while you tap your fingers and toes. Paired with the distant and washy essence of Vacances passion-driven vocals, you have a groovy track that bends genres and feelings from this dynamic team.

Meaningful lyrics are passed through abstract storytelling as we hear the sounds of a lost connection. It appears as if the story being shared tells the tale of an old flame that has burned out through the rollercoaster of emotions that carry out through the duration of a relationship. As we sink a little further in our seats as we hear the emotion spilling out from all parties in this record, we can't help but try and wrap our heads around these artists' performance as they dive deep into their creative outlet.

Everything But The Everything and Vacances make for a truly distinctive showcase of talents in "Jump." If this debut single is a reflection of what the four-track EP carries, then we know we're in for a hard-hitting treat.

Congratulations on the release of “Jump,” featuring Vacances. We were picking up some major vibes from this record and we would love to know; is this what we can expect from the entire EP, “Rock n Roll is a Feeling”?

I would certainly hope so. I wanted every song to be driving. My hope is that every song makes you want to play drums on your steering wheel or air guitar or perhaps pick up the TV remote to sing into it. What inspired you to make “Jump,” the debut single from the EP?

I felt like Jump was the catchiest of the four songs. Even if you don't like the track, the combination of the chugging bass with hard dancy drums is hard to resist. How did the collaboration of yourself and Vacances come to life?

Vacances and I used to play in a band called The Frail. Our new projects are very different from what we used to play but as Jump was coming along in the studio, I thought the intensity Vacances sings with would be a perfect match. I was and was ecstatic that he agreed. Was there a specific moment that shaped the story in “Jump”?

I don't know why but whenever I'm writing music, I always pull from darker topics. It seems easier to write about pain than happiness. What has been keeping you inspired and creative throughout this difficult year?

Little victories in the process of producing music are the little happy moments that have kept my mind off of all the negative news and my personal situations. Like one day my stress level was rising, worried about EDD money that had yet to hit my account, but then the drummer sends his stems and they rock, and for a moment, my mind went into a blissful mode, listening to the progressing sound. the new possibilities. Escaping reality but for a moment.

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