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Feel the Deepness and Darkness With Collette Astle's Moody Hit, "Black Hole"

Hailing from New York City, the authentic Singer/Songwriter and artist Collette Astle takes us on a soulful journey with her latest hit, "Black Hole," off her recent EP, 'Lead With Love.'

Collette Astle has been writing songs for over a decade now, merely through artistic expression and a private escape. However, after formulating her sound to offer wise messages of her journey, Astle decided to release her music for the music industry to experience a uniquely female perspective.

Through her recent single, "Black Hole," Collette Astle goes on to tell a powerfully introspective story of picking yourself up from the dirt and charging full-throttle into the future with love. Through the song's gripping Alternative/Soul instrumentals, Collette Astle is genuinely making a name for herself with powerhouse songs like these.

"Black Hole" begins with woozy electric guitar strums and Collette Astle singing her truth. As the instrumentals start to deepen with down-tempo drum breaks and layered guitar, offering a robust atmosphere that's perfect for the lyricism Astle brings to light. While she continues singing with immense strength, Collette Astle takes us by surprise as she uses her powerful vocals to offer astounding melodies that linger in our minds long after the song has finished.

As Astle continues singing her message of steering away from a black hole type of love, she offers this darker tone through her lyricism that gives us a deeper peek into the creative's mind. Ending the song with her layered vocals and powerhouse instrumentals, we're genuinely captivated by the strength and stamina that Collette Astle has fueled this song with.

Through her powerfully emotional track, "Black Hole," Collette Astle is turning heads everywhere with this heated single while reminding listeners to take a thorough look before they fall.

Hello Collette, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the heaviness and soul you've brought to your song, "Black Hole." What inspired the song's reflective lyrical theme? Was it difficult to write about such personal themes?

I wrote the song about my experience of facing myself, my fears, my upbringing, & my religion…which was not exactly sunshine & rainbows experience! Every song on the EP encapsulates a different feeling that accompanied my experience, and I wanted this song to show the darkness. It wasn’t that hard for me to write—I’m honest to a fault, so writing & singing the song was really freeing. But releasing it was definitely the most vulnerable thing I’ve ever done.

Speaking on the powerful instrumentals within your song, "Black Hole," how did you craft the instrumentals to offer such a profound atmosphere that drives the song forward?

I am lucky enough to be surrounded & supported by very talented musicians that helped bring this song to life. (Dylan Astle - bass, Taylor Newman- drums, Jesse Stone-guitar, & Benny James-keys) I knew I wanted the organ to be part of the song, to give it some church vibes (haha), and Benny really made that happen. Our sound engineer Reed Black was also hugely influential in the overall ambiance & outcome of the song.

Through your song "Black Hole," you offer this dark and deep tone with your vocal delivery. Would you say that this song gives listeners a solid glimpse into the music you create and the sound you tend to offer?

Yeah! I hope that my newer stuff can be a bit brighter and more fun, but I do plan to always bring that same depth, honesty, and soul to my lyrics and vocals.

Within your song "Black Hole," there's a moment where you chant the name of your EP, "Lead With Love." What does this song add to the overall EP?

This song and the “Lead With Love” chant is the core message I’m trying to get across with the EP. For me, leaning into love and away from organized religion has helped me live a happier life since it feels more authentic to who I am at my core. My hope is that everyone can figure out how to live their lives in a way that feels authentic to their core, whatever that may look like. And I think the way we get there is with love.

Do you have any other releases lined up before the end of 2020?

I am planning on releasing a single in December called “26 Years”. And in the new year, I’m excited to start working on my first LP!


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