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Feel the Heat of Alana's Latest Hit, "Taboo"

Sinking us deeper into the grooves of alternative pop, the up-and-coming singer-songwriter and recording artist Alana releases a deliciously dancey single entitled "Taboo."

Constantly showcasing her infinite vocal range through her alto and soprano abilities, Alana never fails to leave listeners captivated with each mesmerizing aspect she delivers. Enhancing her music through her pristine storytelling, it's without a doubt that Alana creates a unique ambiance that's impossible to ignore.

As she continues seeking major record deals with labels, Alana's latest single, "Taboo," might just land her a contract, as it's truly refreshing and stimulating from each aspect. We can also feel heavy sonic and vocal similarities to Dua Lipa, as Alana creates rich pop soundscapes while leaving us in awe of her dynamic vocals.

Plunging into "Taboo," the track begins with powerful major piano chords and steady claps. As a heavy bassline makes its punchy appearance alongside Alana's breathy and low vocals, she starts touching on picturesque scenes of young love and feeling lost in its glitter and glam. Reaching the hook, we highly adore the groovy sonics and instrumentation alongside Alana's vocals, as it gives us all the energy and drives to get on our feet.

Not to mention Alana's broad vocal range; she goes from belting her powerful soprano vocals to sinking deeper into the low alto range while keeping us locked in for the ride. This track is incredibly fresh and modern, and Alana makes it all the more difficult to look away from such an infectious and beaming pop single like this.

Don't miss out on Alana's latest stimulating single, "Taboo," now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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